Window options abound in the home repair industry, and sometimes choosing the right window for a home proves difficult. However, some options outshine others. Marvin and Integrity from Marvin brands include their wood style window and fiberglass brand. Another great option in the window market are Simonton windows.

Why Choose Marvin Wood WindowsMarvinWindowsLogo-resized-600

Marvin offers a full line of wood windows to choose from. Some of the wood options include fir, cherry, oak, cedar, mahogany, walnut, maple, cedro macho, and pine. However, not all wood choices are available for every window choice. Some are sold only for outside use, while others models specialize in indoor use. Not all wood types hold up to the elements. Some of the wood choices for indoor use only include fir, oak, cherry, and cedro macho. These are sold only as indoor window options. Other wood types only come in clad window options or brands with wood applied over another material.

Wood windows come with several benefits. Wood windows bring out the natural beauty of a home, often increasing resale value. All of the wood brands are pre-finished and can be painted to match interior or exterior decorating. They are also treated so that outdoor pests are not a problem. Finally, Marvin and Marvin wood windows are easy to install and reasonably priced.

Why Choose Integrity From Marvin Windowsintegrity_logo_205_90

Integrity windows have many benefits over other brands. One such benefit is the fact that these windows are made from strong but slim fiberglass frames. This provides for easy installation and less worry about heavy wood frames. Being lighter, Integrity windows are easier to install. As well, with 19 color options and 7 various wood types, there is an Integrity window for almost any home window construction or replacement need.

It is also nice to know that Integrity windows sell in different window design options. Some of these popular designs include double hung windows, single hung, round top, casement, bay, bow, awning, polygon, and glider windows. These windows sell in 3 different types depending on what a homeowner is looking for. The three types include the All Ultrex, Ultrex, and IMPACT options. All Ultrex features fiberglass construction; Ultrex is composed of mostly wood in the interior and fiberglass on its exteriors, while IMPACT windows combine a lighter weight construction for colder home areas, such as the greater Boston area.

Why Choose Simonton Windows

Simonton offers an array of windows for both home replacement and new window construction. They offer five replacement windows, two new construction designs, and one impact-resistant variety.

New homeowners can choose from Simonton Reflections, Prism, Impressions, Insure, or Vintage Point brands.  Replacement windows include Pro-finish and Pro-finish Brickmould styles. For homeowners who live in coastal storm prone areas, a great option might be Storm Breaker Plus impact resistant windows.

Simonton windows are also sold in varying window styles. These include bow windows, bay, fixed, hoper, sliding, double hung, casement and awning windows. Many Simonton brands are sold in vinyl materials, making windows lighterweight, easier to install, and sometimes less expensive.

Whether choosing new construction windows or replacement windows, consider two of the best brands that United Home Experts sells. A homeowner can’t go wrong with either Marvin and Marvin wood, Marvin and Marvin Integrity or Simonton windows. For one of the best windows 2012, contact United Home Experts. United Home has years of experience in the home repair and construction business. Home window decisions are easier if an expert is helping. Contact UHE for their expert advice on Marvin wood, Integrity and Simonton window installation.windowroom-resized-600

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