Ideas On How To Pick The Right Colors To Paint Your New England Home

Generating ideas to paint your New England home is not an easy task.  Many people do not know where to start.  Others may have definite ideas but are unsure whether these ideas will actually be good when the paint has dried on their walls.  Because careful planning is important, here are some tips on how to pick the right colors and hopefully achieve satisfying results.


Wall Paint Color

Deciding the color of the wall paint is not always easy.  If a new home is to be painted, one needs to imagine how well it will go with the wall’s color.  Repainting the wall with a different color scheme may be somewhat easier but still rather difficult.  This is where color boards come in.  Place the fabric or piece of furniture the room will contain against it and see whether it is pleasing to the eye.

The Color Wheel

Aside from color boards, the color wheel is another excellent aid when making color choices.  Varying shades of color are arranged in such a way that color complements sit on opposite ends of the wheel.  Colors that look warm are close to each other and arranged according to how warm they are.  Across these are those cool colors arranged in a similar manner.  This wheel helps one make color combination choices.


Different lighting affects colors in different ways.  Light from an incandescent source will make the colors look warm.  Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, will make it appear cool.  Natural light will bring out the color’s actual hue.  Thus, if the walls are painted with a strong color, light from the window might make them too bright to the eyes.

Monochrome And Finishes

Painting a room with only one hue does not make it boring.  There are many ways to make it interesting.  One of these is varying the finish.  Surfaces with a satin finish will look different from those with matte finishes.  Warmer shades of the same color can also be paired with those with cooler hues.  Warmer shades are those closer to red, while cooler ones appear to be closer to blue.

The Flow Of Colorsw-levelbprocolorcollection-resized-600

Color in another room affects those in the rooms close to it.  It is important to think about how color flows from one room to another.  For instance, when one opens the door to another room, the color in the room he or she is in appears to be juxtaposed with those in the other room.  If this is not considered, the color may clash and have a jarring effect instead of a flowing one.


Rooms have purpose, and the right paint scheme can aid in that purpose.  For instance, areas designed for relaxation can be given a calm and serene air if the colors used are soft, cool, and neutral.  These colors are not intense and contain more blue hues in them.

Talk To Professionals

There are people who are already familiar with how colors, finishes, and function go together.  In the New England area, the experienced professional painters at United Home Experts can provide helpful advice to homeowners’ ideas to paint your New England home.  They can also take these ideas and make them real by providing their clients with professionally painted interiors and exteriors.

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