Cement Siding Steps 4-7: Installation, Clean-Up, Inspection, Warranty

4. Cement Board Siding Installation (and trim)

Installation of siding, trim and finishes

  • Next begins the installation of the chosen trim products and the fiber cement siding clapboard or shingles product.
  • Typically stainless steel nails are specifed.
  • It’s best to use full runs, (long pieces of clapboards), as much as possible to minimize seams for better apearance and longevity.
  • If contracted to do so, the final step in the siding process is to apply a high-quality, paint for a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

5. Site Clean-Up:

  • Light clean-up should be performed daily
  • Thorugh clean-up should be done at job completion
  • All supplies and rubbish should be removed
  • Outdoor fixtures and furniture are replaced
  • Several pieces of clapboards or shingles are left for future use

6. Installation Inspection:

  • Schedule a time to do a walk around and installalation inspection on one of the last days.

7. Warrantee:

  • Receive clear written documentation of any warranty both material and installation for your siding project.
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