Using Custom Shaped Windows as Accents for Your Home

When you can’t find the right window shape, there are custom windows available to give your home the perfect finishing touch. Steep slopes, rounded curves, irregular shapes — nothing is off limits. Learn more about what a custom shaped window is, and how you can use it to your advantage.

When to Use

Typically, a custom shaped window is used to create a focal point for the home. It might be a bay window in the center of the home or a picture window in a sitting room. If you have acres of property or water views, consider a Palladian window to showcase your views.

How to Use

As a general rule, these windows are immovable (though not always.) You can think of them as a way to highlight certain parts of your home by contrasting the ‘normal’ windows with something a touch more impressive. Identify the parts of the house you and your guests spend the most time in, and then brainstorm from there.

A decorator and trained contractor works with custom shaped windows on a regular basis and can provide guidance and consultation on what will work best for your home and goals. Learn the best ways to use custom windows to fit your aesthetic goals, as well as more practical matters like which brands are easiest to clean and will hold up over time.

The choice of windows may seem overwhelming, but homeowners can get great advice from the window specialists at United Home Experts. These design experts have years of experience here in the northeast and can quickly help a homeowner determine the exact window that complements any portion of a home and the exact window that also fits into the homeowner’s pocketbook.

The point is, a homeowner need not feel as if he or she is all alone out there in the window jungle – help is always available. For more information on windows, read our main window page!