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How many towns in America can boast of a “Balancing Rock?”  Even fewer towns can lay claim to the fact that General George Washington himself took a few minutes out of his grueling schedule to try his hand at pushing the Balancing Rock off its perch. Today the Balancing Rock of Holliston still seems just as precariously balanced as it did all those many years ago, but no amount of human muscle has been able to move it even an inch since General Washington himself put his shoulder to it.

George Washington and the Balancing Rock is just one of many fascinating historical facts which make the small town of Holliston so special. Another thing that makes Holliston so special is the pride that local homeowners take in maintaining their homes, especially when it comes to choosing a siding.

Siding is one of the first things that people notice when they drive or walk through Holliston and admire all the beautiful homes. So what is it that homeowners here in Holliston are looking for when it comes to re-siding their homes?

First, they want a low maintenance siding.  No one wants to spend their weekends keeping their siding lookingcorner new, and no one wants the expense and the aggravation of ever re-siding their home again.  Which means that not only must their siding be low maintenance, it must last a lifetime as well.

In order to guarantee that, a siding contractor in Holliston must have his or her own equipment – and have all the right equipment – and they must be experienced in siding both tall buildings as well as expert at working in small, tight spaces.

Holliston homeowners also require that any siding contractor in Holliston be totally familiar with all Energy Star ratings and understand how those rating apply directly to a homeowner’s monthly utility bills.  In other words, they demand a siding contractor who only installs siding with a high Energy Star rating.

Of course it goes without saying that any siding contractor in Holliston must have the best interest of theBlog-Photo10-resized-600 homeowners as well as the homes of Holliston at heart.  A contractor must have roots in Holliston and have something to lose if their work is not up to the high standards of the people of this historic town.

That’s a tall order – but one low maintenance siding contractor fills those shoes.  United Home Experts has been siding homes here in Holliston for many years.  In fact, it is virtually impossible to drive through neighborhoods in Holliston without finding at least one home that has been re-sided by United Home Experts.  They have literally hundreds of satisfied customers ready and willing to give testament to the quality as well as the excellent price they received from United Home Experts.

UHE also understands the importance of high Energy Star ratings and saving money on utility bills month after month, year after year.  They also know all of Holliston’s building codes and how to file all needed permits.

Another important fact is that UHE has its own qualified team of siding installers who have worked for the company for many years and are expertly trained.  That is in contrast to many siding contractors around here who hire their workers from a local parking lot each morning. For information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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