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When was the last time you took the kids out to Tougas Family Farm down on Ball Street?  Maybe you’ve forgotten just how fun it can be for the little ones to romp around the barnyard playground and watch the goats climb their rock mountain?  Who knows what baby animals have been added to the farmyard since your last visit? Oh and how could we forget about the apple picking?

Tougas Family Farm is just one of the reasons Northborough is such a great town in which to bring up small children.  This town has a history and the people of this town have a great deal of pride in where they live.

In fact, the homeowners of Northborough have voluntarily decided that one way to keep this town looking its best 2is for each and every homeowner to keep his or her home looking its best.  That includes the siding on each home.  Old and shabby siding not only makes a neighborhood look uncared for, but it also means that the homeowner is losing possibly hundreds of dollars a year on their utility bills.

Keeping a home’s siding looking new pays off in many ways.  Of course, not just anyone can walk into town and claim to be a siding contractor in Northborough.  It’s not that easy.

First, any siding contractor in Northborough must install low maintenance siding that lasts virtually forever.  Homeowners here have better things to do with their time than keep their siding looking good – and no one wants to re-side a home more than once.

In order to be a siding contractor here locally a contractor must maintain his own equipment (not just rent it) and a contractor has to be experienced in working on both tall buildings as well as in working in small, cramped spaces.

It goes without saying that any siding contractor here in Northborough absolutely must have the best interests of 3the people of Northborough at heart and must have a spotless reputation as a sider.

Naturally local homeowners demand that anyone siding their home know virtually everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings and how they apply to siding.

That’s a lot to ask for, but homeowners here in Northborough deserve nothing less.  United Home Experts is one siding contractor who meets every one of the expectations of the homeowners of this area – and even more.

United Home Experts installs low maintenance siding that requires almost nothing in the way of maintenance for years and years.  Not only that, their siding lasts almost forever, meaning that no local homeowner should ever need to re-side a home again!

As far as having a great local reputation goes, United Home Experts has sided more homes in Northborough than 4just about any other company and they have a file cabinet overflowing with testimonials from happy homeowners.

UHE owns and maintains all of its own equipment – never rents equipment for just one job.  They are also experts when it comes to installing siding that has the highest Energy Star ratings you can find.  The siding that UHE installs is virtually guaranteed to reduce your utility bills – and not just for one month, but for years to come.

You may be thinking that if United Home Experts is this good that they must be too expensive for your budget.  Think again!  UHE sides so many homes here in Northborough that their sheer volume means that their prices are among the lowest.  UHE also hand-picks its installers and carefully trains each one.  That’s a far cry from the way some if their competitors hire their installers – from the back of a pick-up truck in a run-down parking lot.

When you call United Home Experts ask as many questions as you want – they are happy to answer your questions.  And find out for yourself just how affordable it can be to hire the #1 siding contractor in all of Northborough! For more information about our siding services, please visit our main siding page!

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