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Wrentham is a great place to be a kid.  Each year, in April, the Lion’s Club hosts the Annual Wrentham Fishing Derby.  The derby is absolutely free and open to all kids 18 and under.  Bring your poll and reel to the trout pond behind the DPW building off Taunton Street starting at 7 a.m.  The largest trout caught (in three different age categories) by 1 p.m. wins!  Bring the family and enjoy free hot dogs and drinks!

The annual fishing derby is just one way the people of Wrentham show their civic pride and come together as families.  Another way families show their civic pride is in the way they keep up their homes.

Keeping a roof looking good is important to making a home looked cared for and, by extension, making a town ctr00prepdnlr0001mlooked cared for.  After all, a roof is one of the first things that anyone sees when they explore the neighborhoods of this wonderful town.

Being a roofer in Wrentham is not easy. The homeowners of this town expect a lot from a roofing contractor.  For one thing homeowners in Wrentham do not want to have to re-roof a home a second time.  In other words, they demand a roof with a lifetime guarantee – including labor.

Naturally there is only one way a roofing contractor can guarantee a roof for life and that is by using only the highest grade shingles, water tight barriers and flashings manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation.  The Certainteed Corporation is the #1 name in roofing materials, so nothing less will do.

On top of all that, any roofer in Wrentham has to have hundreds of satisfied local customers who are willing to tell the world what a wonderful job that contractor did.

Not many roofers can meet all of those criteria.  One can.  United Home Experts has a tremendous reputation certainteedrooflandmarkserihere in Wrentham.  It is almost impossible to look here in Wrentham without finding at least one happy homeowner with a UHE roof.

United Home Experts offers a roof with a lifetime guarantee, including labor.  Not all local contractors can make such a guarantee.  Talk with one of UHE’s expert roofers for all the details.

Not surprisingly, United Home Experts uses only the very highest grade materials manufactured by none other than the Certainteed Corporation.

It does make a difference who installs your roof.  United Home Experts has skilled and highly-trained crews which work together all the time doing nothing but putting new roofs on homes here in town.  These people have steady, secure work.  Compare that to some other local roofing contractors who hire their installers on a day-to-day basis from the parking lot of the local home improvement center.  What type of installers do you want working on your home, around your family?

One last point.  It stands to reason that hiring the best roofing contractor means paying big bucks, right? Not necessarily.  United Home Experts roofs more homes in the Northeast than just about anyone else. What that means is they buy their roofing materials in huge lots at deeply discounted prices.  UHE then passes those savings on to the homeowners here in Wrentham, making UHE one of the most affordable roofers in town.

Why not give United Home Experts a call today, just to talk and get acquainted.  The roofing experts at UHE can undoubtedly give you some pointers and who knows, you may just find out that it doesn’t cost any more to use the very best roofers in all of Wrentham. For more information about our roofing service, visit our main roofing page!

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