Rubber Roofing for Low Slope Roofs in MA, NH, RI

location_epdmWhen it comes to roof leaks in New England, flatter roofs generally have more problems.  Flatter roofs on areas such as porches, dormers, additions, and commercial buildings deal with slower drainage, more water pooling, and more wind-driven rain issues.  All of these can lead to roof leakage and serious damage.

We are constantly asked by home and business owners, what we recommend for lower slope roofs in our service area (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New  Hampshire).  The answer is almost exclusively EPDM Rubber Roofing systems such as those made by RPI® or Genflex®.  EPDM is designed not to easily deteriorate.  It withstands damage from ozone, UV, heat, frost, and other environmental factors that typically have a damaging effect on flat roof products such as rolled asphalt, tar, and sheet metal.

Besides being very resistant to the elements, the major benefit of rubber roofing is the ability to minimize seams.  EPDM comes in various different sizes that can be installed on all types of roof surfaces.  Wherever seams are necessary, as long as they are properly sealed, they will perform as good as the rest of the membrane.

If you are having issues with a low-pitch roof area, or are concerned about it Contact Us to give you a no pressure estimate.

Check out our Rubber Roofing Section for more info about our low-slope roofing systems.

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