Asphalt Shingle Warranty


When you buy asphalt shingles for your home it is very important that you know exactly what you are paying for. It’s a large investment, and at times there can be some confusion as to what exactly is included in your asphalt shingle warranty.

Be aware that when you purchase “30-year shingles” it doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof will be fully covered for a full 30 years. Many companies will offer a limited warranty, but there are often many caveats to be aware of.

Most limited warranties won’t Asphalt Shinglescover any type of damage that is not deemed to have been a defect of your asphalt shingles from day one. This means that damage during installation, fire or emergency damage, and even weather damage may not be covered. If your shingles were not installed by exact specifications, that too, may void your warranty.

Luckily there are reputable companies out there which will give you a better and fair asphalt shingle warranty, though you may have to be diligent in making sure that you find one of these companies and get yourself a very good deal.

It’s important to be sure of exactly what you’re getting yourself into with any investment as important as the roof of your home, and if you do keep your wits about it there should be no trouble at all finding a certifie

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d and trustworthy company willing to give you a fair estimate and, importantly, be upfront with you on the details.

At United Home Experts we offer a full coverage warranty that covers materials, labor, and workmanship for the life of the roof. Please request our full warranty for full details. For more information about our roofing services, visit out main roofing page!

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