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It wasn’t long ago that CNN Money rated Southborough one of the best places to live in the entire United States.  Of course, the people of Southboro  –  as it is known locally  –  don’t need some national news show to tell them what they already know.

Few places in the Northeast have more gorgeous scenery or better-preserved historical areas or more beautiful residential districts.  Keeping the roofs of the residential districts beautiful and historically accurate, while at the same time insulating those homes to the maximum to conserve energy, is not an easy balancing act.jhfibercement-resized-600

Add to that the fact that a homeowner does not want to have to re-roof a home more than once, and the criteria for the best roofing contractor in the Southborough area just became even more difficult  –   but by no means impossible.

In addition to authenticity, homeowners who go through the time, expense and aggravation of re-roofing a home never want to go through the ordeal again.  Therefore, besides the aesthetics of the job, homeowners here in Southborough
need a roofing contractor who offers a lifetime warranty on a roof, including labor.

Finding a roofer who can do all that is not an easy task, but fortunately for the people of Southborough there is United Home Experts.  They have been roofing homes in the Southborough area for years, and they have hundreds of satisfied customers.  They can point with pride to literally hundreds of homes and businesses in the Southborough area that they have roofed over the years.

Finding a roofing contractor with deep roots in an area is important for a homeowner for several reasons.  First, it tells the homeowner that the roofer must be good, or he or she would not last long in a small community.  It also tells the homeowner that the roofer cares what his or her customers think, because even one bad word of mouth could wipe a contractor out.southboro

United Home Experts has been intimately committed to the Southborough area for many years and they plan to remain in this area for many more.  One way they have maintained their stellar reputation over the years is by only using the highest quality shingles, flashing and water protection barriers, all from the Certainteed corporation.  Certainteed is one of the top-rated roofing supply companies in the world.  Not only does UHE buy all of their supplies from Certainteed, but UHE buys in bulk and passes the savings on their their customers.

What is more, UHE has all of its own equipment and has years of experience working with both tall buildings as well as working in confined spaces.  UHE’s workers are all seasoned professionals with years of training and experience; they are never day-workers hired for a single job, as is the case with many other roofing contractors.

So for a lifetime guarantee on a new roof (including labor) as well as the best materials and installers in the business, homeowners need to talk to the knowledgeable folks at United Home Experts and get their free advice and tips, whether the homeowner plans to use their services or not. For more information about roofing, visit our main roofing page!

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