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One of the most important choices any homeowner can make when it comes to interior decorating is what color to paint the inside walls. Along with color, another important decision is which type of paint to use on the inside. Certain types of paint work better in some areas than do others, and these differences need to be taken into consideration when paint choice is made.

Another thing that needs to be thought of is interior paint protection. Some homes – especially homes with young children living in them – will need to have more interior paint protection than will other homes. Some types of paint have this protection automatically built in, which is great news for the homeowner. Sherwin Williams has a wide range of paints with added durability enhancers. Here is an overview of a few of their most helpful products.

Before painting, the interior surface will need to be primed. White-Pigmented Shellac Primer is a good choice for wood and plaster interiors as well as ceiling surfaces. It is great for high traffic areas, where there is more of an opportunity for staining to occur and dirt to accumulate. For interior plaster and/or drywall surfaces that have already been painted, the Loxon acrylic conditioner is a better choice.

Another clear winner when it comes to indoor paint primers is the All Surface Enamel Primer, which comes in both a latex and an oil based version. This primer is truly what its name suggests. It can be used on a vast array of surfaces, such as aluminum, drywall, galvanized steel, masonry, plaster, steel, and wood. This primer offers great paint protection at a superior value.

After the primer has been applied, it is time to paint the inside walls of the house. Every decent indoor paint job sherwinwilliamspaintbrushcarequires at least two coats of a very high quality latex paint like Sherwin-Williams’ Duration Home(R) Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in order to ensure the best paint protection and durability. This particular brand of paint offers extraordinary washability for any busy home. It is perfect for high use areas like hallways, kitchens, and children’s bedrooms. Because it is so durable and washable, it is a great choice for homes with very young children, who tend to be pretty hard on indoor paint jobs.

A clear choice when it comes to bathrooms and other areas that are prone to collect moisture, like kitchens, front hall closets, basements, garages, and laundry rooms is the paint with the semi-gloss finish that is simply called Bath Paint. This type of paint is specially formulated to resist mildew, so both the paint and the home itself will be protected.

An indoor paint job should not be undertaken by anyone without first consulting someone knowledgeable and experienced in indoor painting. Homeowners who need more information about choosing the right paint for their homes should contact the professionals at United Home Experts for a free estimate. They can give more detailed advice regarding selecting the best indoor paint and the best paint protection for any home through our easy, no pressured, free estimates. For more information about painting, click here to visit our main painting page!

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