Best Time to Paint Exterior

Because painting the exterior of one’s home is best done under certain weather conditions, one must consider the 71time of the year in which to paint the outside of one’s home.  Ideally, one should begin painting when the weather is dry and the temperature is not extreme, typically from the spring to the fall.  However, circumstances may arise that convince a homeowner to paint the home outside of the painting season, and in such a case certain precautions are necessary to ensure the exterior painting is done effectively.

Best Time to Paint Exterior

In the past, it was generally thought that one should not paint when temperatures were below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, though with the improved quality of paint, especially premium paint such as Sherwin-Williams, one may paint with temperatures as low as 35 or 40 degrees.  The paint may also be sensitive to large swings in temperature in a relatively short period of time, as for example when the daytime temperature reaches over 100 degrees and the nighttime temperature reaches below 50 degrees.  It may thus be advantageous to select a time of the year without such temperature extremes in a single day. Temperatures may be most consistent during the fall in some parts of the country.

One may paint the exterior of one’s home during the winter season, though it may present certain challenges.  A painting contractor may simply paint when the opportunity arises, taking breaks when it gets too cold or snowy.  Because business may slow down during the winter months for many contractors, homeowners may get better deals when hiring them during the winter.  Another advantage to painting one’s home in the winter is that it may be the driest season in some parts of the United States, such as the Northeast.  In warmer parts of the country, the optimal time may be year-round.

Choosing the Right Paint

Regardless of the season that is chosen for exterior painting, it is important that a premium paint, such as SWPaintCanSherwin-Williams, be used.  Consumer Reports has rated Sherwin-Williams paints among the highest quality paints for the exterior of one’s home.  In tests of durability and appearance, Sherwin-Williams has consistently scored among the best, and it is among the most preferred by reputable painting contractors, such as United Home Experts.  Because painting one’s home can potentially add significant value to it, it is important to consider the type of paint used, as well as the quality and reputation of the company doing the painting.

Another factor a homeowner should take into account is the damage to a garden that may be caused by traffic when painting.  One should therefore fix up the garden after the painting job is finished, to avoid having to redo the garden.  Planting new flowers and mulching after the painting job is finished will complement the painting and add beauty to the home.

Choosing the Right Company

For selecting experienced professionals to paint the exterior of one’s home, United Home Experts will get the job done in a cost-effective and efficacious manner.  United Home Experts can schedule an appointment at one’s convenience in order to provide a quote.

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