Indoor Paint Trends for 2013


No industry, including the painting trade, can afford to stand still for long. One of the few constants is that everything changes. While many factors, some seemingly obscure, affect the public’s color choices and painting trends in indoor paint for the year, the one thing that most painting experts agree on is that for the next twelve months the growing strength of the economy and a generally hopeful outlook on the world will spark a resurgence of positivity and forward thinking when it comes to painting trends for 2013. Optimism will be the driving force behind interior color trends in the coming year.

According to Dee Schlotter, national color brand manager of Pittsburgh Paints, 2013 will see a move away from the grays and “depression era” colors of the last few years and into a more open, colorful and vibrant range of indoor paint colors.

So what colors speak of optimism and the search for new horizons? The painting experts at Sherwin Williams, one of the top brands of paint in this country, see pastels as the new trend for 2013. When companies and decorators bspeak of today’s pastels, they are not referring to the ghastly pastels of the 1980s. The pastels for 2013 will be a lot creamier, a lot softer. Lighthearted colors, open and free, are all the rage, reflecting a new sense of calm and innocence.

According to Heartland Bold, the trend for the coming year is “big, bold, bright colors!” For example, a clean blue color with no green is one of the colors that is expected to be big in 2013.

Not every room needs to reflect this new bright and bold outlook. Some muted colors such as creams, beiges and similar introspective colors, and combinations reflecting a desire to gather the family around a safe and comfortable environment, are likely to continue for the next few years. However, the long-term trend in color is toward the brighter, more outgoing shades that reflect a new boldness, an optimistic outlook on life and the world in general.

Many color design specialists see a mixing of light and dark colors in the same room, or in adjoining living spaces cas a possible trend. Such eclectic mixing of colors and moods is emblematic of new-thinking ideas. Combined with paint color trends away from the somber, accent colors will also be much more lively and upbeat in the coming year. Look for trim colors to be lighter and more bold, and look for fabric designers to follow suit, creating pillows and other accent pieces that scream out for attention.

Homeowners who want to take advantage of this new thinking in terms of interior paint should consult the painting experts at United Home Experts. The color experts at UHE are well-versed in all of the latest trends and they carry only the best paints with long-term guarantees. Homeowners in the New England area can count on UHE for free, expert painting advice with no obligation to purchase.

As our country lifts itself out of its economic woes and shakes off the old ways of thinking to embrace a new and brighter future, so, too, is the collective American psyche gearing up for a brighter and more colorful future, a future bright with hope and dreams and – above all – a new optimism that will be reflected in its choice of paint for its living area. Welcome to the optimistic – and bright blue – new world of 2013. For more information about interior painting, visit our main painting page!

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