Five Steps In Replacing A Bow Window – The General Process

Bow windows give a room an atmosphere of elegance and romance.  It also provides the occupant with a wider view and a brighter room.  It is similar to a bay window in that it extends beyond the wall of the house.  However, instead of the angular arrangement characteristic of bay windows, bow window glass panels are arranged to form a curve or a bow.  A typical window consists of four to five panels.

Like any other man-made structure, normal wear and tear will cause it to deteriorate in time.  Unlike more conventional windows, it is susceptible to gravity and may sag as well.  Usually, how well it is installed and maintained will determine how long it lasts.  There are five steps in replacing a damaged bow window.

We highly recommend that you hire a professional that has much experience with replacing windows, especially because of the size of a typical bow window. This is not an easy task for the do-it-yourselfer and recommend that you allow the professionals like United Home Experts to handle this task as replacement windows has been one of our specialties for over 15 years.

The following is just a example to get an idea on the process of replacing a window.

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Step 1

Before removing the old window, inspect it carefully and determine the main cause of its deterioration.  This will aid the installer institute a preventive measure that will help the new window stay beautiful longer.  After this is determined, measure the frame of the window to be replaced.

Step 2

When removing the old window, first take out the glass panels.  A pry bar will greatly facilitate this step.  Visible fixings and screws should also be removed.  The old frame can be broken up if the job needs to be finished quickly.  Sometimes the new window cannot be installed immediately because of time constraints or the need to allow the repairs to set.  Cover the space with tarpaulin to protect it and the room from the weather until work on the window can be resumed.

Step 3

Inspect the wall around the hole for the window for damage.  Any damage seen should be repaired prior to installing the new window.  If a larger or smaller window is to be used to replace the old one, the hole should be adjusted accordingly.  It is also essential to make sure that the supports for the new window, such as the roof above it and the header, are still viable or in good condition.  This will prevent the window from sagging too early.

Step 4

Different windows are put in place differently.  One of the most common methods is by using screws to secure it in place.  The frame, minus its glass panels, is installed first and then glazed.  Once this is done, the glass panels are then attached to the frame and secured.    The window’s manufacturer will include detailed instructions on how secure the frame and the glass panels.

Step 5

The outer portion of the window is then protected from the weather by proper flashing.  This is material placed around the window to waterproof it.  The exterior finish, such as sidings, is then replaced.  Any gaps in the frame should be caulked to ensure that water does not penetrate to the interior.  If there are spaces left beneath the windowsill, fill these up to increase the room’s energy efficiency.

The Professional Option

Not everyone has the experienced eye needed to spot potential problems during installation.  Faulty installation will cause the window to deteriorate early.  Also, If there are adjustments to be made, such as in the case of choosing a larger or smaller window, the job becomes significantly more difficult than just changing old bow windows with new ones of the same make.

United Home Experts has the experience and the expertise a homeowner may lack.  We can replace an old bow window and make it better and longer lasting than the old one.  Our long line of satisfied customers and successful bow window replacement projects attests to their workmanship.


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