Most windows do a fine job of protecting the building’s inhabitants from outside elements. Few do an effective job of withstanding windows-thumb-our-workextreme weather conditions. During storms or any severe weather event, regular windows may be broken by flying debris, or otherwise invite strong rain and cold air to penetrate the building’s interior. It once was that wood shutters were the only option to keep the elements out, but now there is the option of the storm window.

Storm windows are made to repel the ferocity of extreme weather. Some of these windows are manufactured using tempered glass; others use polycarbonate plastics. Many such windows come with the same features of the windows they are protecting. Storm window panels may be raised for air circulation or removed completely for ease of cleaning.

Purchasing Interior versus Exterior Protective Windows

Before purchasing any type of storm window, the decision to install one on the interior or the exterior of the existing window pane is an important one. If the regular window swings outward, or local ordinances prevent the exterior version, the interior window is advisable.  Standard window sashes may allow for the installation of the exterior storm window.

Interior storm windows are more convenient, as they are easier to install and remove, easier to clean, and require less maintenance. Interior protective windows seal tightly to the existing window panes more effectively, thus reducing air entry. They are also cheaper to purchase and install than exterior windows.

Purchasing exterior protective windows will affect the storm windows’ costs substantially and is the less convenient alternative. A significant aspect of the decision regarding which type to purchase is if the owner can afford the exterior type, they are better off replacing the entire window with newer, more energy-efficient windows. The cost of new quality replacement windows will be made up for in their energy saving cost benefits unlike the storm windows costs, which will affect energy savings to a far lesser degree since they are not as effective and are costlier to maintain.

Installing Area-Appropriate Windows

Now that the decision has been made to purchase and install quality replacement windows instead of an interior or exterior storm window selection, know that this decision will add welcome resale value to the home in all regions of the country. However, the decision is of particular importance in harsh climates such as the New England states. It is also important to choose a contractor familiar with the weather extremes and erosive salty air of that region.  The trustworthy professionals at United Home Experts ( are the professionals to consult for all home repairs and remodeling in that region, as they are the contractors with the expertise in selecting and installing quality windows chosen particularly for the climate.  The replacement windows they install will not only add value to the home but will add savings to the energy bills for many years.