Vinyl Windows in Massachusetts

0010FedernewwindVinyl windows have gained significant market share in Massachusetts over the past 20 years, but  why?  What do vinyl windows have to offer the typical homeowner in New England?

Vinyl windows are certainly not right for everyone.  What we tend to recommend to homeowners is if  you like the look and feel of wood then consider a wood window, but if your primary concern is Ease  of Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, or Ease of Operation and Function, then a vinyl window is  probably a good place to start.

Ease of Maintenance:

Vinly windows don’t require scraping, sanding, priming or painting.  The only down side in this category is that you do not have an option to change the color if you desire to in the future.

Energy Efficiency:

The wood windows we install are also very energy efficient, but the best insulating window we happen to offer is a vinyl replacement window.  In Massachusetts, having well insulated windows should be at the top of your list when considering a window replacement project.

Ease of Operation and Function:

Wood windows tend to have more problems when it comes to operating properly.  Especially in a drastically changing climate with fluctuating moisture levels like Massachusetts, wood windows can expand and contract over time.  The proof is in the warranty.  Most of the major wood window manufacturers only offer a 10 or 20 year warranty on glass and components.  This is hard evidence pointing to the fact that the manufacturer expects issues to arise with wood windows after that point.  People who want wood windows should undertand this and be willing to live with it.  If this concerns you, then you are probably a good candidate for vinyl windows.

The majority of windows we install are vinyl however some homeowners in Massachusetts still want the traditional appeal of wood windows and we are happy to provide and install them.


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