Exterior Painting in Rhode Island: 3 Factors To Consider


 paintbrush-pallet_94495 exterior of your home in Rhode Island there are several factors you should consider.  Whether    you plan on attempting the paint job yourself or hiring a Rhode Island painting contractor the    three factors described below will be helpful.

  Factor #1:  Strict Rhode Island Lead Removal Laws:  Rhode Island is one of the strictest   states in the U.S. regarding the removal of lead paint.  The government assumes any home build      before 1978 contains lead paint. If a homeowner or painting contractor does not abide by the federal, state, and local regulations they can be subject to serious fines.  Contact your local health department before starting a project to get information on the approved methods of paint removal such as wet sanding, low-heat removal, and HEPA vaccuum power sanding.

Factor #2:  Environmental moisture issues:  Many of Rhode Island homes are within a few miles of the coast.  Moisture laden, salty air can cause wood to deteriorate prematurely and can cause paint to have difficulty adhering properly. Consider purchasing a moisture meter and check several areas of the wood substrate for high levels of moisture. This will help prevent you from a frustrating cycle of peeling due to moisture.

Factor #3: Persistent peeling problems:  Many homeowners and even dishonest or unprofessional house painters think they can solve ongoing moisture problems.  The truth is recurring problems with peeling, blistering, or flaking paint are rarely due to bad paint, lack of primer, or bad prep work (although those can be factors).  A vast majority of peeling problems are due to an interior or exterior moisture problem.  It can often be difficult to determine the source of the problem, but in many cases it’s best to replace some or all of the effected areas.

If you are a looking for a professional and honest house painter in Rhode Island contact United Home Experts to help you with your paint job.

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