Understanding the Value and Selection of Replacement Windows

The windows in a home are vital to the home’s insulation and appearance.  Quality windows will keep the inhabitants of the home comfortable as well as add resale value to the home.  Most any window will keep a mild drizzle from entering the interior, and a shade can be pulled to protect the home dwellers from the heat.  These are not the type of windows that add value to the home.

Homeowners, particularly those in harsh climates such as found in the New England states with their hot summers, sometimes brutal winters and erosive salt air in all seasons, should definitely consider quality replacement windows for their home.  Fortunately, New England homeowners can consult the trusted professionals in home remodeling and repair at United Home Experts.

A good quality window is constructed to last and to save energy.  The appropriate replacement window selections are numerous, so it is a sound idea to hire a local reputable contractor to assist the homeowner in choosing the appropriate windows for his particular climate and budget.  Because of the wide selection of quality window brands and styles available at United Home Experts, they are able to guide homeowners towards the most intelligent choice for their particular home, as well as to offer flawless installation.

Replacement Windows Selection

Replacement windows selection that stands the test of time can be made of high quality materials in wood, vinyl, or fiberglass.  They can come in practically any size and shape to accommodate an existing window opening or a newly created one.  Besides the construction and shape of the window itself, there are important qualities of the windowpane to consider when buying new windows for their quality, appearance and addition to the home’s resale value.

The window’s coating can also significantly add to the window’s quality and energy-efficient properties.  Low emittance (Low-E) coatings are extremely thin layers of metallic oxides superimposed on a glazing surface that reduces radioactive heat flow.  This blocks heat transfer between pane layers to lower the total flow through the window.  Low emittance coatings can reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, thus adding even more energy-saving capabilities to the windows.

The Importance of R-Value and U Factor in Windows

These are important considerations in the purchase of replacement windows for the home.  The U-factor expresses the insulation value of the window.  The R-value is a measurement of the window’s ability to insulate other parts of the interior of a building, such as its walls, floors, and roofs.  The highest quality windows will have a low U-factor and a high R-value.

Cost Benefit Analysis

For homeowners in areas of extreme weather such as the New England states noted above, the energy-saving properties of quality windows alone are a cost benefit to the annual energy bills.  Add to this the significant increase in the resale value of the home, and it is clear the proper installation of appropriate high quality windows by a reputable regional contractor like United Home Experts makes replacement windows an intelligent decision for any homeowner.


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