The Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

There is no doubt that owning a home has several benefits; however, it can also become quite costly, especially if copy of pictures09 028the homeowner is not utilizing the newest and most efficient technological advancements readily available on the market today. With the recent consumer trend towards making the home more energy efficient, many homeowners might not know that one of the best ways to accomplish this is simply by installing energy efficient windows throughout the home. This simple fix can easily save a homeowner hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills.

Keeping the Home Cool During Summer and Warm in Winter

Many older homes come standard with single-pane, non-energy efficient windows. These types of windows allow heat to escape and cold to penetrate, making a home unbearable during the summer and uncomfortable during winter. By installing windows that are energy efficient, it takes less to keep the home warm because no heat is escaping, and these windows also work to keep the cold weather from penetrating the interior. This effectively lowers the possibility of the homeowner falling victim to unnecessarily high heating and cooling bills. This is especially true of homeowners living in the Eastern New England area, where it is fairly typical to experience more pronounced changes in temperature throughout the year.

Worth the Cost of Investmentintegrity-resized-600

Though at first glance it might seem like a high out-of-pocket expense, the benefits of installing energy-efficient windows far outweigh the initial cost of installation. In addition to reducing the burden of utility bills each month, installing these windows will also raise the effective value of the home itself “an increase that will grow exponentially over the years. This makes installing windows that are energy efficient the smart choice no matter how a savvy homeowner looks at it.

Getting Help from the Professionals

Interested in updating the windows but not sure where to start? The professionals at United Home Experts can help! Not only do we specialize in servicing customers throughout the Eastern New England region, but we also employ experienced and caring professionals who can come out to the house to explain the process and sit down with the homeowner to discuss costs. With the summer heat still going strong and the cold winter months quickly approaching, now is the time to make the choice to update the home and install windows that are energy efficient.

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