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Pricing Guide for Outdoor Paint

QUALITY VS. QUANTITY – WHAT DO I REALLY NEED? There is nothing like a quality paint job on an exterior to add visual appeal, protection, and value to the home.  Painting a home’s exterior takes time and consideration, particularly when it comes to choosing outdoor paint.  It is not just the color that needs careful […]


All About Roof Flashing [Roofing 101]

WHAT EXACTLY IS ROOF FLASHING? Flashing is a continuous series of thin pieces of sheet metal or other waterproof material that is installed to keep water from getting into a building from a vulnerable angle or joint. HOW ROOF-FLASHING WORKS AND WHAT IT DOES It typically operates under the principle that, in order for water to […]

United Home Experts receives coveted “Award of Excellence”

For the third year in a row, United Home Experts has been given the honor of Norandex Building Materials’ Award of Excellence.   This is a great honor as Norandex has been one of America’s leading exterior building suppliers for over 65 years.   “We are committed to providing our customers with excellent products and […]