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The challenges that face expert painters in Boston, MA are often rather more complex than in other states. Here at United Home Experts, we have identified three areas from which these challenges stem. The first challenge is the closeness of the houses or buildings in this area, making the use of special equipment and experience important. The second and third challenges stem from legislation that guards the historical significance of certain areas and against lead poisoning.x--pictures-mike d photos-2011 website profiles-21 green after

Preserving Architectural History

Boston has been a part of the nation’s history from its original inception as thirteen states to the present day. The evolution and phases of architecture in the country can be seen reflected in various parts of the city. Walking through it is like taking a stroll through time; several properties owned by private individuals have great historic value. Many regulations have been put in place to preserve these national treasures. Of course, this makes painting the exterior of a home in Boston a challenge.

There are historic districts, landmark districts and architectural conservation districts. As long as the home is located in one of these areas, any modification, renovation or exterior work visible to the public must be approved by the commission assigned to the area. There are no pre-approved paint colors, instead of being evaluated on a building-by-building basis. After the work is done, a certificate of suitability must be obtained as proof of having followed the required structures.

Location ChallengesBostonHomeEverlast-resized-600

The layout of Boston is cramped compared to other cities. This means that sidewalks often need to be used in order to accomplish an exterior paint job. Permits for this activity must be obtained from the city.

Expanding the home often means adding an additional storey or two. Homes in Boston are typically taller than the typical home in other, more spacious states. Ladders cannot reach high enough to accomplish the job properly, so scaffolding is needed. There are also numerous devices needed by the painters to complete the project safely.

The advantage of employing an experienced contractor like United Home Experts is their people’s familiarity with the whole process. Everything that is required is done, so the job is accomplished smoothly with few or no interruptions or delays.

Lead Consciousness

The Massachusetts Lead Law states that homes built before 1978 should obtain a letter of compliance. This means that the paint used in the home should be lower than the limit set as safe by legislation. Homes that do not meet this criterion should be deleaded. The goal is to provide an environment that is free from the dangers of lead poisoning. Thus, the paint used in newer homes should also pass these standards.

The Expert Contractor Advantage

The people at United Home Experts understand all the peculiarities of the areas their clientele reside in. Its expert painters in Boston, MA have extensive experience in dealing with the challenges brought about by its eclectic architecture, and with the laws that ensure that the city’s historical areas are preserved for generations to come as well as regulations that protect its citizens from lead poisoning. With United Home Experts, exterior painting is in the reliable hands of conscientious expert contractors.

The nation’s history is beautifully reflected in the architecture of the buildings in Massachusetts, and particularlyUnited Home Experts & United Painting Co. Inc. in Boston.  The state saw the founding of the first English colony in what was then called the “New World”.  It is the site of the Boston Tea Party, a turning point towards the development of the United States of America.  It is no wonder that in Boston alone there are about 11,000 homes listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

There are many districts that are considered either locally or nationally as historic or landmark.  Legislation has been pressed to preserve the ambiance of these architectural treasures for posterity.  Even homes not listed as historic property are subject to these laws: any exterior work that may be visible to the public, for example, falls under these regulations.  This makes house painting quite a challenge for the uninitiated.  United Home Experts is a company of expert house painters in MA who have the depth of experience to make this process painless and worry-free.0Picture0021BIG1-resized-600

What Paint Is Right For Certain Sites?

No particular paint color is automatically right for a certain historic or landmark area.  Choosing the color is done on a house-by-house basis.  If there were pre-approved colors, homes might look generic and make the place lose its historic ambiance.  The proposal for the paint scheme has to go through the right commission for analysis and approval.  They will determine how appropriate the proposed colors are.

House painters with experience in Massachusetts, such as those employed by United Home Experts, have a good feel for what will most likely be approved.  This helps minimize the time between proposal and approval.  Others with less experience are consigned to making guesses.

What Equipment May Be Needed?

Due to the close proximity of buildings to each other and to public thoroughfares such as sidewalks, typical house-painting equipment is often not enough.  Most homes are taller than what the typical ladder can reach, so it is necessary to use scaffolding, lifts and other safety equipment that goes with working at a certain height above the ground.

What Documentation Should Be Prepared?commercial_1

If the work will impede a public thoroughfare, a permit must be obtained from the city or local government.  This must be done even before the work starts.  Those who are inexperienced often fail to foresee this need.  They then have to stop work to wait for approval.

An application for commission review is needed for all exterior paintwork.  In some cases, an application may also be needed if the property is considered an interior landmark.  The application is reviewed by members of the commission for minor work or by the full commission if it is deemed a major one.  Once the application is approved, a Certificate of Appropriateness is awarded.  This is valid for two years.

Why Hire United Home Experts?

Our experts can determine accurately whether a property falls under regulations that protect historic, landmark and architecturally preserved sites.  The length of time the company has been serving satisfied clients in the area means that they understand both what needs to be done and what is required to do it. A by-product of this is the convivial relationship UHE has cultivated with those who handle the enforcement of regulations in these historic or landmark sites.  This makes the whole process significantly shorter compared to having the project done by someone with lesser expertise and knowledge of the area. Two words sum up the basis for hiring United Home Experts’ house painters in MA : “experience” and “connections”.

Choosing the right painting contractors for the job is an extremely important decision for a homeowner. A number of factors must be taken into account, including overall job quality, the time it takes to complete the job, the contractor’s painting experience, past work, and level of professionalism.ujwkmam6

United Home Experts has earned an excellent reputation. To become one of the top quality painters in MA is to combine skill with speed in the most effective way of completing the job. A job should not take so long that it seems the painters will never leave or be completed so quickly the work appears shoddy. These problems can be prevented by setting both the start dates and completion dates in the beginning of the project, based on accurate estimates. Saving time and making accurate time estimates also ensures the project does not cost more money.

The painting contractors must understand the homeowner’s unique needs and job requirements. The main objective is to hire a company with years of experience and plenty of different kinds of clients. The painting company should also have the necessary knowledge, equipment and training needed for the project’s completion according to a customer’s requirements and specifications.

The right painting contractor for the job must have a wide breadth of knowledge for painting many different types of projects, whether the job requires interior painting or exterior painting. Selecting the painting company should not only be based on price, but on experience, knowledge and excellent references.

United Home Experts, one of the top quality painters in MA, will offer plenty of advantages not only to save time and money, but also to create amazing results that go above and beyond the homeowner’s expectations.

There are many reasons to choose a contractor for a painting job. Exterior paint customers require professional help for a variety of reasons, including peeling exterior paint, painting new siding or simply being tired of painting a home’s exterior every few years. An example of an extensive interior painting job for United Home Experts involved painting an entire WCVB TV Channel 5 Concept Home. The bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining rooms were painted, in addition to the ceilings, woodwork and trim. Great care was taken, down to every last detail.

In addition, years of field experience give the professional painters at United Home Experts the instinctive knowledge for making the right decisions on the job regarding paint color, paint selection and paint quality. sw-levelbprocolorcollection-resized-600

A quality painting contractor understands the importance of an excellent first impression. The colors chosen to paint a home or property have quite an influence over both the homeowners and visitors. Color can be a subtle but immediate way of evoking an emotional reaction. Different spaces require different emotions, such as peaceful in a master bedroom, energetic in a kitchen, or friendly and welcoming as an exterior house color. A professional painter’s excellent eye for detail helps the homeowner choose the best color options for each room or location.

Color is not the only aspect of painting. Paint quality also matters, since it must have a durable and beautiful finish that will last for years. The Sherwin-Williams brand is one of the best. Sherwin-Williams is a trusted name in painting, and the company has been around since the mid-1800s, with millions of satisfied customers.

Plenty of United Home Experts’ testimonials come from past customers in New England states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire and northern Connecticut. An A+ BBB rating and 5000 satisfied customers can attest to a high level of professionalism. After comparing services with local competitors, the homeowner can make an excellent decision in choosing United Home Experts.


An internal comparison paint survey was conducted by the United Home Experts team. We provide siding, PaintBucketroofing, window and door replacement services throughout eastern New England. Unbiased opinions were retrieved based on our individual experience using the products. The ratings provided are opinion based and not the result of lab testing or product specification examination. Sherwin Williams and Valspar paint products were rated on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest score that could be attained. Sherwin Williams received a score of 92 and Valspar received a score of 86. Characteristics rated included application, price, and warranty or guarantee satisfaction.

Painters and homeowners desire to use paint that is easy to apply. The best paint is neither too thick nor too thin. Paint that is too thin has the tendency to create drips. Paint that is too thick can dry before the painter is done covering an area. The application characteristic also considers the adequacy of coverage and the amount of fumes emitted from the paint. Sherwin Williams received a five out of five for application while Valspar received a three out of five. Valspar received a lower score because the paint dried too quickly which caused brush strokes to show.

Another characteristic that was rated for Sherwin Williams Paint and Valspar Paint was price. This was based on how satisfied people were in relation to the price paid. Sherwin Williams and Valspar both received a three out of five rating.  Sherwin Williams can range from $25 to $50 per gallon, depending on the type of paint. Valspar offers paint in a similar price range, from $25 to $40 per gallon. Valspar may be a better buy based on price if it can be purchased inexpensively.

Paint warranties can be very important in case something happens after application that causes a homeowner to become unsatisfied. Painting an interior room can require several gallons of paint which can add up quickly. When it came to satisfaction with the guarantee or warranty offered, Sherwin Williams received a rating of 5 out of 5 while Valspar received a 3.

Sherwin Williams received the better overall rating because more customers were happy with the ease of application of their paint as well as the warranty offered.  Valspar still received a respectable rating that was only six points lower. Valspar is sold at home improvement stores while Sherwin Williams paint is available through their stand-alone stores.

An internal comparison paint survey was conducted by the United Home Experts team. We provide siding, GreenPaintCanroofing, window and door replacement services throughout eastern New England. Unbiased opinions were retrieved based on our individual experience using the products.

Two paint brands that offer paint products with low volatile organic compound (VOC) content are Sherwin Williams Paint and Olympic Paint. Although VOC is not immediately toxic, it may result in health problems over time. This makes paint that contains fewer grams of it per liter desirable. Between these two paint brands, Sherwin Williams scores higher with 92 compared to Olympic with 82. This is based on a 0 to 100 scale with 100 being the highest score possible.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content

Sherwin Williams and Olympic offer several paint products that have either very little or no VOC content. Between the two, however, Sherwin Williams offers more product lines with zero or very low VOC. Excellent examples of this are the Emerald, Harmony, and the newer HGTV paint lines. These lines have both interior and exterior varieties for those aiming for a greener, safer home inside and out. Sherwin Williams thus provides the health conscious among their customers with a wider array of this type of paint. This allows the customer to select the best paint color and variety to fit their needs. Only select Olympic products have zero VOC. These are their premium interior paints. For exterior paint, they offer the low VOC variety.


Generally, before applying paint over a surface, it has to be primed. The primer helps the paint adhere better to the surface and helps bring out its color. It unfortunately adds to the cost of painting a house. Sherwin Williams offer several paint lines that are self priming. These may be more expensive than comparable Olympic products. But because a primer is no longer needed, the overall cost of the paint job may be significantly reduced.

Moisture Resistance

It is important to keep an eye on the weather forecast when painting a house. When one expects rain or a decrease in temperature below what is indicated for applying the paint, the job has to be postponed or hurriedly completed. Sherwin Williams has developed its Resilience paint with this specifically in mind. This paint product resists moisture up to 50% and dries within two hours of touch application. There is as yet no Olympic Paint product with comparable ability.


Both paint brands have products with lifetime warranties. What sets Sherwin Williams apart is the one-coat lifetime warranty it offers for certain products such as the Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex paint. It is at least 50% to 70% thicker than comparable Olympic products, so one coat may be all that is needed, or in certain cases, at least fewer coatings.

In Summary

Sherwin Williams Paint provides a wider, more comprehensive selection of low and zero VOC paint products than Olympic Paint. They also have products with superlative moisture resistance suited for places with shorter dry periods. Those on a limited budget will like their self-priming paints and their one-coat lifetime warranty covered products. These may cost more per gallon compared to paint offered by Olympic. This, however, is offset by being able to forgo the use of a separate primer and the need for several coats in order to finish project.

An internal comparison paint survey was conducted by the United Home Experts team. We provide siding, ujwkmam6roofing, window and door replacement services throughout eastern New England. Unbiased opinions were retrieved based on our individual experience using the products.

We rate paint products on a scale of 0 to 100. The rating scale can go up to 50 points for two of the most important qualities in an exterior paint: weather resistance and longevity. Sherwin Williams merited a total score of 93 points, but California exterior paint earned a slightly less impressive 84 points based on actual experience of the staff at United Home Experts.

Sherwin Williams’ Exceptional Weather Resistance

New England homeowners must account for the harsh winter freeze-and-thaw cycle, as precipitation constantly freezes and melts, only to freeze again. This cycle places a large amount of environmental stress on exterior paint. Mildew growth also occurs as the result of moisture.

Over time, Sherwin Williams paint has proven to be the better product when accounting for moisture wear and tear and mildew growth. California Paint, on the other hand, did not stand up to harsh winter weather over time as well as Sherwin Williams products did. The composition of Sherwin Williams products created an exceptional barrier of protection that the basic acrylic latex paint available from California painting products did not provide as well.

Sherwin Williams’ Superior Longevity

Choosing a paint with a long lifespan is critical for homeowners in the New England region, and Sherwin Williams paint maintained the integrity of its original coat longer than its competitors products.

California Paint products fared well, but when combined with exposure to the elements, Sherwin Williams outlasted California products in the long run. The latters products, however, are notable for their easy of application and fast drying time.

At the end of the day, real-world experience shows that Sherwin Williams fares better than California products overall. The weather resistance and longevity of Sherwin Williams gives these products a higher value to New England homeowners. Again, analysis is based on the opinions of our workers not on scientific research.

There are many interior painting problems in the Boston area.  Two of the more common ones are sagging (also called “running”) and peeling.  Here are some of the reasons why they occur and a few simple solutions on how to solve them.


Sagging can easily be seen as a drooping or dripping look in the paint. This is often the result of paint being applied too heavily.  In paint-sagging1-resized-600some cases, it may be because the paint was thinned too much before it was applied.  The environment during the application may also be too humid.  The simplest cause is the presence of dirt during the time of application.

Based on the causes mentioned, one can conclude that this problem is basically due to a lack of experience on the part of the painter.  This can often be seen in do-it-yourself paint jobs where the one applying the paint did not do enough research or have enough expertise.  If the paint is still wet, a brush or roller can easily even out the sagging paint.  If the paint has dried, light sanding may be necessary and an additional coat applied.


Interior moisture can also cause paint to peel.  This can be seen as cracks or a gentle peeling of the paint from the material beneathSomerville-Levy, marvin & roof 009-resized-600 it.  This problem is most often found in bathrooms, bath tubs, kitchens, and wet basements.  These area are generally humid so large amounts of moisture is present in the air and affects the paint.

Peeling paint can also be caused by poor adhesion.  This means that the outer paint coat peels off from the inner coat.  The inner coat then becomes visible.  This can be the result of using oil-based paint on a surface that is still wet.  Lower quality paint may also be a possible cause of this.

This problem can be prevented by properly ventilating areas where moisture or humidity may build up.  If there are already peeling areas due to moisture, the old paint should first be removed before new paint is applied.  High quality acrylic latex may be a good paint to opt for if the humidity in the area cannot be lowered.  If the humidity problem is not addressed, either through better ventilation or more appropriate paint, the problem will recur.


These two common paint problems occur because of a lack of knowledge and expertise on the part of the painter.  Those who do not have the time to learn how to do interior painting properly may turn to experts such United Home Experts for this type of job.  They are a reputable company with extensive experience and many satisfied customers in the Boston area.

Many people choose to be the interior painters of their own houses because they are leery of the expense of hiring a professional to do the job.  Unfortunately, they make unsightly painting errors.  When they can no longer tolerate looking at their mistakes, they get a professional to do a repaint.  Here are some of the errors that amateurs commit.

When Choosing Paint Implements

A common error among do-it-yourself painters is picking just any paintbrush for the job.  The type of paint often dictates the type of paintbrush to use.  For instance, paintbrushes made of a combination of nylon and polyester are best for latex-based types of paint.  The area to be painted will also indicate whether a brush or roller should be used.  Unfortunately, there are those who use brushes instead of rollers for large areas.

Estimating the amount of paint to use is also very important.  Those who lack prior interior painting experience often underestimate the amount needed.  This often leads to paying more or having too much wasted paint in the end.

Paint Slide

When Preparing The Work Area

Amateurs often miss things when preparing the work area.  Some furniture or portions of the floor are left uncovered.  It is surprising the places paint can drop onto.  For example, paint can splash on doorknobs that are not covered, leaving unsightly splotches or stains.  Sometimes paint cans are opened without being placed on top of a drop cloth to protect the floor.

Sufficient taping is often neglected as well.  Amateurs try to paint around the various woodwork, such as the windowsill and the doorframe, instead of taping these to produce straight lines.  They also forget to remove wall plates and light switches or to tape their edges.

Before painting, amateurs skip things like surface preparation.  The wall needs to be dry, free of imperfections, and primed.  When the painter is impatient and tries to finish the job quickly by making shortcuts the end result is an unsatisfactory paint job.

The inexperienced assume that the area to be painted on is already clean and do not go to the trouble of actually cleaning it to be sure.  Small imperfections are not patched prior to sanding and primer application.  At times, the patch is not allowed to dry sufficiently.  Even worse, some decide to paint without applying a primer first, a substance that helps paint adhere to the wall as well as bring out its color.

When Applying Paint

The proper way of using a paintbrush is not followed.  For instance, when applying latex-based paint, the brush should first be wet with water and shaken dry before being dipped in paint.  This step allows the brush to hold more paint.

Sometimes paint is also inadvertently allowed to build up on edge pads on the ceiling or corners.  If paint is not wiped off frequently from these, excess paint may accidentally mark the wrong surface.

Knowing when one should not paint is also essential.  If it is too humid, there is too much moisture in the air.  This moisture will prevent the paint from adhering properly to the surface being painted and result in problems later on, like sagging or blistering.

When Someone Else Does The Job

Knowing the mistakes amateurs commit will help one spot those pretending to be experienced professionals.  The expertise of those who know their trade is evident from the very start.  They make the proper preparations, they carefully execute the paint job, and they care for the objects in the work area.

The interior painters at United Home Experts embody the characteristics mentioned.  The amateurish mistakes indicated above are unheard of in jobs that they take. The many successful jobs and satisfied customers they have, not just in the Boston area but in all the other places they serve, make the company an excellent choice.

Some of the common interior and exterior painting problems faced by people in the New England, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island areas are blistering, mildew, and chalking. Here are some of the reasons why they occur and what may be done in these instances.

BlisteringSomerville-Levy, marvin & roof 009-resized-600

When medium-sized bubbles are found under the paint, these are called blisters. This is often found in trim or sidings made of wood. Sunlight sometimes causes the surface being painted to heat up. Vapor that rises becomes trapped during the painting process and results in these blisters. This is often the case when wood is being painted on because it absorbs moisture easily.

To solve this, the paint has to be scraped away. The wood or surface to be painted on should be allowed to dry so that no moisture remains. Painting is then done in non-direct sunlight, so choosing when to paint is important. The air should also be non-humid.


Fungus that feeds and grows on paint is called mildew. It can be seen as spots that are black, green, brown, or grey in color. They are found under eaves and soffits. These are areas that have lesser ventilation. There is also little or no direct sunlight, so growth of this fungus becomes possible. It may also be caused by not priming the wood prior to painting it.

The mildewed areas should be cleaned using trisodium sulphate solution. A bleach and water solution may also be used instead. The ration is three parts water to one part bleach. It is important to wear rubber gloves and proper eye protection when doing this. After removing the mildew, the solution should be left for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the area then wash again with a detergent solution.


When a powdery substance is found on the paint’s surface, this is called chalking. This normally occurs when paint is exposed to sunlight. If this occurs in the exterior of the house, the rain usually washes it away. Chalking may get out of hand at times. It then constitutes a problem if it affects the surrounding construction or people.

Excessive chalking is often caused by having too much thinner in the paint mix, using interior paint on the exterior, or not sealing porous surfaces before painting. Chalking can be removed easily, however, by power washing. Using the right paint and painting procedures is also important to prevent excessive chalking.

United Home Experts

These problems are rather straightforward to solve. Some of them can be prevented with the right knowledge and expertise. Those who do not have the time or inclination to do so may contact experts like United Home Experts to address their interior and exterior painting problems. This way they can be sure of a lasting and effective solution.