House Painting: Historic, Landmark, & Architectural Preservation Site

The nation’s history is beautifully reflected in the architecture of the buildings in Massachusetts, and particularlyUnited Home Experts & United Painting Co. Inc. in Boston.  The state saw the founding of the first English colony in what was then called the “New World”.  It is the site of the Boston Tea Party, a turning point towards the development of the United States of America.  It is no wonder that in Boston alone there are about 11,000 homes listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

There are many districts that are considered either locally or nationally as historic or landmark.  Legislation has been pressed to preserve the ambiance of these architectural treasures for posterity.  Even homes not listed as historic property are subject to these laws: any exterior work that may be visible to the public, for example, falls under these regulations.  This makes house painting quite a challenge for the uninitiated.  United Home Experts is a company of expert house painters in MA who have the depth of experience to make this process painless and worry-free.0Picture0021BIG1-resized-600

What Paint Is Right For Certain Sites?

No particular paint color is automatically right for a certain historic or landmark area.  Choosing the color is done on a house-by-house basis.  If there were pre-approved colors, homes might look generic and make the place lose its historic ambiance.  The proposal for the paint scheme has to go through the right commission for analysis and approval.  They will determine how appropriate the proposed colors are.

House painters with experience in Massachusetts, such as those employed by United Home Experts, have a good feel for what will most likely be approved.  This helps minimize the time between proposal and approval.  Others with less experience are consigned to making guesses.

What Equipment May Be Needed?

Due to the close proximity of buildings to each other and to public thoroughfares such as sidewalks, typical house-painting equipment is often not enough.  Most homes are taller than what the typical ladder can reach, so it is necessary to use scaffolding, lifts and other safety equipment that goes with working at a certain height above the ground.

What Documentation Should Be Prepared?commercial_1

If the work will impede a public thoroughfare, a permit must be obtained from the city or local government.  This must be done even before the work starts.  Those who are inexperienced often fail to foresee this need.  They then have to stop work to wait for approval.

An application for commission review is needed for all exterior paintwork.  In some cases, an application may also be needed if the property is considered an interior landmark.  The application is reviewed by members of the commission for minor work or by the full commission if it is deemed a major one.  Once the application is approved, a Certificate of Appropriateness is awarded.  This is valid for two years.

Why Hire United Home Experts?

Our experts can determine accurately whether a property falls under regulations that protect historic, landmark and architecturally preserved sites.  The length of time the company has been serving satisfied clients in the area means that they understand both what needs to be done and what is required to do it. A by-product of this is the convivial relationship UHE has cultivated with those who handle the enforcement of regulations in these historic or landmark sites.  This makes the whole process significantly shorter compared to having the project done by someone with lesser expertise and knowledge of the area. Two words sum up the basis for hiring United Home Experts’ house painters in MA : “experience” and “connections”.

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