Interior Painting Problems And How To Fix Them

There are many interior painting problems in the Boston area.  Two of the more common ones are sagging (also called “running”) and peeling.  Here are some of the reasons why they occur and a few simple solutions on how to solve them.


Sagging can easily be seen as a drooping or dripping look in the paint. This is often the result of paint being applied too heavily.  In paint-sagging1-resized-600some cases, it may be because the paint was thinned too much before it was applied.  The environment during the application may also be too humid.  The simplest cause is the presence of dirt during the time of application.

Based on the causes mentioned, one can conclude that this problem is basically due to a lack of experience on the part of the painter.  This can often be seen in do-it-yourself paint jobs where the one applying the paint did not do enough research or have enough expertise.  If the paint is still wet, a brush or roller can easily even out the sagging paint.  If the paint has dried, light sanding may be necessary and an additional coat applied.


Interior moisture can also cause paint to peel.  This can be seen as cracks or a gentle peeling of the paint from the material beneathSomerville-Levy, marvin & roof 009-resized-600 it.  This problem is most often found in bathrooms, bath tubs, kitchens, and wet basements.  These area are generally humid so large amounts of moisture is present in the air and affects the paint.

Peeling paint can also be caused by poor adhesion.  This means that the outer paint coat peels off from the inner coat.  The inner coat then becomes visible.  This can be the result of using oil-based paint on a surface that is still wet.  Lower quality paint may also be a possible cause of this.

This problem can be prevented by properly ventilating areas where moisture or humidity may build up.  If there are already peeling areas due to moisture, the old paint should first be removed before new paint is applied.  High quality acrylic latex may be a good paint to opt for if the humidity in the area cannot be lowered.  If the humidity problem is not addressed, either through better ventilation or more appropriate paint, the problem will recur.


These two common paint problems occur because of a lack of knowledge and expertise on the part of the painter.  Those who do not have the time to learn how to do interior painting properly may turn to experts such United Home Experts for this type of job.  They are a reputable company with extensive experience and many satisfied customers in the Boston area.

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