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There is a lot to be proud of in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.  Not many towns can trace their history all the way back to 1715.  And how many towns can host the starting line of the world-famous Boston Marathon each year?  And who can forget those warm and lazy evenings on the Town Common, listening to the summer concert series?fibercement-blogphoto33-resized-600

The people of Hopkinton take pride in their town, and have an almost fanatic devotion to maintaining the look and the feel of their town’s roots.  That is one of the reasons it is so important, when it comes time to re-side a home here in Hopkinton, consideration is given to tradition and to maintaining the aesthetics of the town’s grand old neighborhoods. Homeowners in this area should choose a siding for their home that reflects and enhances the beauty and the charm of this unique slice of Americana.  Choosing the right siding, however, can be a challenge.

To begin with, most homeowners want an extremely low maintenance siding, yet it must be a siding that blends into the neighborhood, a siding which maintains and enhances the charm and the dignity of this wonderful old town.  In addition to low maintenance, siding must be durable.  In fact, the siding must last a lifetime; no homeowner wants to go to the aggravation and the expense of siding a home again in a few years.

But there is more to low maintenance siding than merely looking good and lasting for years.  Siding must also protect the home from the elements and provides outstanding insulating properties; after all, no homeowner wants to pay more for utilities each month than is absolutely necessary.

When all these criteria are added to the mix, there is really only one siding contractor who can do it all: United Home Experts.  UHE has been siding homes in the Hopkinton area for years.  They can point with unbridled pride to hundreds of UHE-sided homes in many neighborhoods in Hopkinton.  UHE has roots in this community and they know every permit required for every job.Blog-Photo19

Roots are important when choosing a siding contractor.  A contractor who lives and works in the area and depends on the good will of a community cares about each and every home that he sides.  Even one unhappy customer can destroy a business, so UHE will see to it that every homeowner is 100% happy with the work as well as the price.

Homeowners who choose United Home Experts go to bed every night confident in their choice.  UHE has all of their own equipment and they are experts when it comes to working on tall buildings as well as siding in tight spaces.

UHE’s siding experts are also well-versed in all Energy Star ratings for siding, and can help homeowners choose not only the best-looking siding, but the most energy-friendly siding available.

Finally, and this is very important – United Home Experts hires and trains all of their siding experts.  Most of their siding installers have been with the company for many years, and many have won awards for their outstanding work.  UHE never employs day laborers as many other siding contractors in this area do.

When it becomes time to side a home or an office in the Hopkinton area, do not hesitate to talk with the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at United Home Experts for their honest and free advice. For information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

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