Ridge Vent Comparison

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Before installing a ridge vent onto your roof it is important to do your research.  3 things to consider are:

  1. How Well A Ridge Vent Actually Vents
  2. How Weather Resistant is A Ridge Vent
  3. How Durable is Ridge Vent

Shingle Vent II has been tested as being the best investment for improving your home. In comparative tests with Cobra Vent, Roll Vent, Cor-a-Vent, VentSure, Highpoint, and RidgeMaster unbaffled ridge vents, the Shingle-Vent II with its external baffle is consistently proven to be the most reliable ridge vent. The external baffle of the Shingle-Vent II permits air to come out of both sides of the ridge vent, while the unbaffled vents do not. The Shingle-Vent II thus releases more air than unbaffled vents. The Shingle-Vent II harnesses the wind outside to ventilate the attic and pump out air. In test comparisons with the different unbaffled vents, each test demonstrates how the Shingle-Vent II ventilates attic air the most effectively. In addition to being a better ventilation system, the Shingle Vent II also protects your attic from water infiltration. The external baffle of Shingle-Vent II protects your attic from rain that leaks through other ridge vents. In tests comparing VentSure ridge, Roll Vent, and Ridge Master ridge vents with Shingle Vent II, the first three leaked 2-4 gallons of water, while the latter did not permit any water to infiltrate into the attic.

Ventilation efficiency and weather resistance are two extremely important qualities to consider when you are choosing a ridge vent. A more weather resistant and higher quality ventilation system will decrease mold and decrease the chance of any other moisture problems that may damage your house because it decreases the amount of moisture in your attic overall. It will also decrease the heat that gets trapped in your attic. With a lower amount of trapped heat, there is a decreased chance of ice dams because ice won’t freeze, then thaw and build up again. In the summer, decreased heat also means decreased energy bills because your house is easier to cool. These are just a few reasons why it is so important to consider ridge vents with better ventilation and better weather resistance.

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