Exterior Painting Ideas

Article Summary:This article will help when trying to find creative exterior painting ideas and offer advice on planning and preparation for your next exterior painting project.

Creative exterior painting ideas can make or break a project. If you want to liven up the exterior of your home, a new paint job can add both vitality and character, but the colors and treatments you choose need to be well thought out ahead of time. Scheduling painters can be a real challenge, so don’t be faced with making paint selections and applications too quickly just because the painting contractors are due to arrive tomorrow. There are many factors that you should take into account when you’re preparing to paint the exterior of your home, including the colors of your roof and shutters, your house’s architectural style, and the colors of other homes in the neighborhood.

Unless you are planning to renovate the exterior of your home completely, you should consider the parts of your home that will not be painted. If you have brick or stone that will be untouched, the exterior color scheme that you choose should incorporate these natural colors. Also, the shingles of your roof may have specks of color in them, so you may want to consider a color that will highlight these subtleties. Consider buying some home improvement or architectural digest types of magazines so you can review photos which often can unleash your inner muse.

Many homeowners choose to reapply the same color exterior paint when the original coating begins to fade. Don’t completely disregard the opportunity to update your home’s style, however. You may want to pick two or three colors for your home–one will serve as the main color and the other two will be used for accents on trim, shutters, doors, a trellis, and other features that add character to your home.

Exterior Painting Ideas Quick Tips

  • Fit in with the neighborhood but stand out through color combinations
  • Don’t just settle on the previously used colors
  • Pick a few color combinations that go well together
  • Play off specks of paint in the roof or in surrounding brick etc.
  • Use high quality paint that has more interesting color choices
  • Buy a few quarts of paint and test patch areas of your house that won’t be seen easily to be sure you like the colors
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