Best Types of Indoor Paint


When it comes to interior decorating, one of the most important questions any homeowner or designer can ask is, “How should I paint the inside of my home?” Indoor paint adds depth and character to walls and ceilings and changes the atmosphere of any overall living or working space. For this reason, it is important to know how to select the best indoor paint for your purposes.

Use flat (matte) paint for ceilings. One of the best reasons to use flat paint is that it readily adheres to rough surfaces. Because it adheres so well and is non-reflective, it tends to minimize imperfections, whereas glossy paints highlight imperfections.

Have a textured ceiling that needs to be covered over? Flat paint can help with that. It actually decreases the amount of texture that is present, giving a smooth, finished look than can instantly update a room’s style.

It should be noted that flat paint is very hard to clean and tends to attract dirt and stains more than glossier paints do. Flat paint, then, is perfect for use on ceilings because stains are less likely to occur there.

Satin and eggshell paint is optimal for dens, adult bedrooms and other areas children don’t usually frequent. Both swpaintcansatin and eggshell paints are good choices for these areas because they are much easier to clean than the matte version of indoor paint. Satin finish works best on walls because it is more reflective, while eggshell works better on ceilings because it does not emit as much glare.

Eggshell paint is slightly more difficult to clean than satin paint, and it is not as readily available. It should be noted that neither of these types of paint will hold up to any serious scrubbing.

Semi-gloss paint for family rooms, children’s bedrooms, and window and doorway trims. This type of paint is perfect for very high traffic areas because it is very resistant to dirt, grease, and grime. It is also very easy to clean, more durable, and comes in more color varieties than the other types of indoor paint; however it also costs more than the other types, with the exception of high-gloss paint, which is the most duration homeexpensive paint type as well as the most difficult to find.

Gloss paint for bathrooms, kitchens, and other highly humid areas. This paint is very useful in areas that are prone to moisture and staining. It is even more durable, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean than its semi-gloss cousin. It does, however, tend to show more imperfections than any other of the indoor paint types, so walls should be very carefully sanded down before the paint is applied.

All of these paints come in a variety of colors, although some (especially the glossier paints) tend to be offered in more color choices than others (especially the flat paint).  Sherwin-Williams has a wide variety of all of these types of paint, available at a great value to the consumer. Whether the desired paint type or paint color is decided upon first, individuals should consult with the professionals at United Home Experts for more ujwkmam6detailed recommendations.

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