Painting Contractors: New Obstacles They Face

Painting contractors face more challenges now then ever.  If you open the yellow pages from 5 or 10 years ago it’s inevitable that a majority of the painting contractors listed are out of business, have relocated, or changed their name.  These are some of the obstacles facing traditional painting contractors:

New Products:

Siding: More and more homeowners are choosing to install siding on their home to get away from the 5-7 year paint cycle.  Vinyl siding and fiber cement siding are the 2 most commonly used products today.

“Lifetime Paints”:  Whether or not these products are too good to be true, which most experts suggest they are, is a discussion for another article.  However they are still tapping into the share of customers that used to use traditional painting contractors.  These “lifetime coating” companies rely heavily on the fact that the average homeowner sells and moves in less than 10 years.

Stricter Laws:

VOC Laws:  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are the additives that produce off-gases released from paint products.  They can be harmful to our heath and the environment.  Paint manufacturers are consistently changing the formulation of their products to abide by the more stringent state and federal regulations.

Lead Paint Removal:

Over 30 years after paint companies stopped using lead as an ingredient in paint, painting contractors still have to be careful.  The state and town governments have very strict laws about how painters can and cannot remove lead paint.  Knowing these laws and abiding by them is difficult for painting contractors.

These are just a couple of the obstacles facing the traditional painting contractor today.  The important thing is that they be ready to adapt to a constantly changing industry.

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