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When it comes to home construction, one of the most important factors to think about is which siding to use on the exterior of the home. There are so many options available on the market today that the choice can be a difficult one to make. It is crucial to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of the various types and compare them to find the best solution according to individual needs. One of the oldest players in the siding market is wood siding.

Wood siding has been used to protect the interior structures of homes since colonial times. At the time it was the only viable material available, and the most commonly used woods for siding in the Northeast were eastern white pine and cedar. Of the two, cedar is considered the better choice when it comes to wood siding durability. The major factors that set cedar apart from other types of wood siding are its water resistance and decreased chance of wood rot.

Some woods, like cedar, are incredibly strong and water-resistant. When used as siding on houses, most wood can6 withstand even the strongest of winds and the strongest of winters in the Northeast if properly treated. Treated wood naturally repels any sort of water with which it comes into contact, ensuring that minimal water damage will occur. Homeowners who do not have homes with wood siding that is especially water-resistant will have to worry about mold build-up, wood rot, cupping, swelling and splitting.

If left to itself, wood siding will last for a number of years without sustaining any major damage. While beautiful, this type of siding can be very expensive. For an even longer lasting, cheaper siding option, homeowners would do well to choose Everlast composite siding. Everlast is made from a special combination of polymeric resin and stone with granules, giving it both durability and long-lasting strength without compromising its beauty. And, unlike other types of composite siding, this product contains absolutely no wood. This is a major benefit because it will not be prone to any cracking or bulging when coming into contact with water.

Composite siding is still a relative newcomer in the siding market, but laboratory tests have shown promising 7results. Time after time, these tests have shown that composite siding products repeatedly outperform wood in regards to resisting, cracking, rotting, and even major impact damage from severe storms. This type of siding is also much easier to maintain than wood siding. It does not need to be painted or treated nearly as often to maintain its longevity. In fact, Everlast siding does not require any painting at all.

Everlast also comes with a Lifetime Performance Warranty. Thanks to its ColorHold acrylic polymer that is completely UV-stable, this composite siding is also covered by a Lifetime Fade Protection guarantee. Everlast is even protected against damage from hail, which regular homeowner’s insurance might not cover. This is a clear choice for any homeowner looking for the best value in home siding. For more information on siding, visit our main siding page!

Many homeowners opt for the classic look of clapboard wood siding or cedar shingles on the outside of theirfibercement-blogphoto33-resized-600 homes. This rich, natural wood look can greatly improve the value and appearance of a home when the shingles are installed and maintained properly. The wood contains natural oils that act to keep insects away and prevent decay. In fact, cedar shingles can last hundreds of years, making them a durable and solid choice for homeowners.

Cedar shingles are made up of high quality red or white cedar shingles or clapboards, which are stunning to the eye in their natural, unfinished form. The wood in cedar shingles contains a range of colors and tones that range from deep honey brown to light amber. This wood also lends the house the natural aroma of cedar wood.

Clapboards refer to the shape and style of the wood or siding: overlapping wood planks that can either be shaped like rectangles or tapered off in slightly different shapes. One popular shape of shingle is known as bevel, which refers to a triangular form that produces a layered, textured affect. Shingles can be installed in different sizes, horizontal or vertical, depending on the preference of the homeowner.

When it comes to selecting a type of clapboard to use for siding, there are options besides pure cedar wood. For Everlast-Rotator-002example, homeowners may choose to go with fiber cement siding that has the appearance of wood, but that can be painted and wears differently. Fiber cement siding is said to be more durable than wood. There is also vinyl siding, which offers homeowners a wood grain texture and look with the advantage of coming in a wide variety of colors, unlike real wood shingles. There are also various kinds of metal siding available, such as aluminum or steel, that are particularly known for keeping their shape without expanding or contracting throughout the different seasons. These are often compared to vinyl siding as alternatives to traditional wood siding.

All of these alternative forms of siding can look like wood on the outside without costing homeowners as much money as the real thing. But the ultimate in curb appeal can only come from genuine wood, which stays beautiful for decades – even centuries! – when properly installed and maintained by siding experts.

Regardless of the type of siding job at hand, United Home Experts is prepared to help homeowners make their dream homes a reality. They can count on the company’s years of experience and commitment to working with clients to ensure the best possible results.


It can be hard for a homeowner to decide which siding material to have installed on their home. There are so FiberCement-BlogPhoto34many exterior siding options available these days. Two popular choices are fiber cement and Everlast’s composite siding. One of the most important things to consider when researching siding options is the durability of materials in various environments.

Some homeowners choose fiber-cement siding for their homes because it has an appearance that imitates wood and it costs much less than the real thing. This type of siding is made of cellulose fibers, sand and cement. The thickness and density of this material can vary. When lower-density products are cut, the edge is rough. Higher-density products have a much cleaner edge. Everlast composite siding is also a blend of materials. It is made up of PVC resins, crushed stone, and polymers. It does not contain any cellulose fibers, unlike fiber cement.

The installation of fiber-cement siding sometimes causes problems with moisture due to the fact that it is made up of wood particles. When used in areas that can receive exposure to moisture, it can peel. This looks very unsightly and most homeowners choose to have affected areas repaired. Since Everlast does not contain cellulose fibers, it does not cause moisture problems.macluresiding

Everlast composite siding is colored through the product. There is never a need for painting the siding since it has a lifetime warranty against fading (see warranty for details and limitations). It can be painted if a homeowner decides they would like to change the siding to a different color in the future. Fiber-cement siding has to be painted every 7 to 15 years on average.

The cost of painting a home can be an added expense that homeowners may not want to incur that often. This expense is something that is not incurred routinely with those who chose the siding produced by Everlast.

There are other differences between fiber cement concrete siding and Everlast siding that homeowners should know about. Everlast siding is not as heavy, so there is less of a chance of chipping during installation. Fiber cement is very heavy and may become scratched or chipped during the installation process. Fiber cement siding needs to be inspected often so that any developing issues can be caught and corrected early. Cracked caulking may need to be replaced to prevent moisture damage. If mildew occurs, the siding may have to be wiped down with a bleach solution. Since the siding manufactured by Everlast does not cause moisture problems, recurrent inspections are not needed.

Fiber cement siding and Everlast composite siding are both popular siding choices. Everlast siding may be best for homeowners who desire siding that is both durable and requires the least amount of maintenance possible. Some people do not mind having to have their homes painted every 7 to 15 years. However, some people do not want to have to go through that experience so often. Homeowners who are not up to routinely inspecting their siding after installation, and do not want to have a professional do so, should consider Everlast siding.

Owning a home is a deeply rewarding experience, but sometimes home maintenance chores and upkeep can quickly erase those feelings and make homeownership seem more like a burden instead. Luckily, there are several key choices that a savvy homeowner can make to keep their home looking great all year around, and with little to no effort or additional expense on their part.stacked everlast

One of the best and most economical ways to accomplish this is by considering the installation of siding on the home. Not only does the installation of siding minimize the need for costly and repeated siding maintenance, it also offers an additional defense barrier against the elements. This is especially true for homeowners who reside in the Northeastern and New England area, and who are familiar with the challenging climate conditions that occur locally.

Though it may seem like a heavy expense initially, installing Everlast Composite Siding is an investment that pays for itself over time with surprisingly low maintenance costs and a long-lasting useful life. Not only does this type of new siding for houses come with a lifetime warranty against fading, but homeowners who choose Everlast Composite siding can quickly bring their home back to its original luster with an easy hosing down. For those harder to remove stains, such as oil, paint, or other similar product, a simple rag and a small amount of almost any standard household cleaner can get the job done.

Another low-maintenance and surprisingly low-cost siding option is vinyl siding. This type of siding for houses offers some of the protection of Everlast Composite Siding, though weaker, it fits into even the tightest of budgets. The siding maintenance for this option is also easy and takes very little time and effort from the homeowner. With a strong pressure washer, cleaning vinyl can be done in a fairly short amount of time.

Fiber cement siding, is another low maintenance option that is great looking. It offers all of the protection of new siding installation yet offers a convenient way for a homeowner to maintain a beautiful home with virtually low maintenance all year round. Use of a pressure washer can help clean up Fiber Cement siding in no time at all, and, just like the other siding choices, tougher stains are handled with a little hands-on spot treatment.

Although it does require much more maintenance, there is also a wood or cedar siding option for those homeowners who are looking for a more authentic look and feel to their home. Repairs on wood siding are actually easier to repair than those on vinyl siding, and for some, the cost and upkeep is far outweighed by the beauty of true hardwood.

Interested in learning more about available siding options? We at United Home Experts can give a homeowner an on-site cost estimate and can answer any other questions regarding siding installation and cost. Give us a call today to learn about all the benefits of top-quality siding.

United Home Experts are the professionals of choice in deciding on the type of siding that will fit a homeowner’s budget and needs. Experts are especially helpful when protecting a New England home against East Coast sudden storms and drastic climate changes. United Home Experts are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureaus in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire. As well, the staff at United Home Experts is always prepared to provide a personal home visit in order to advise on the needs to protecting a home’s exterior.

There are several choices available when deciding to protect a home with siding. Siding offers a low maintenance alternative to stucco or brick. Stucco is labor-intensive, requiring several layers before completion, which raises the cost when choosing stucco. Extreme weather tends to degrade a brick structure, and again raises cost when brick must be replaced. Durable siding designed to withstand harsh weather experienced by homeowners in the East fulfill a need for New England homeowners.The three options explored in this article are fiber cement, cedar siding, and Everlast composite siding. Wood-BlogPhoto3

Siding made of cedar cut in planks or shinglesadd a warm, lovely touch to the home. Cedar plank siding painted white replicates the traditional Cape Cod clapboard beautifully. Cedar can be installed stained, painted, or without stain or paint. Cedar ages well, and the natural color of cedar will change over time. The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of cedar means that the wood will not warp, rot, or crack soon after being maintained, but that is only if the cedar is maintained on a yearly basis depending on the weather conditions. With time, the cost of cedar maintenance adds up and can put a burden on homeowners.

Fiber cement siding is a mixture of concrete, sand and cardboard. The result is a long-lasting, weather-resistant material for siding a home and is designed to look like wood, but looks unnatural. A wide assortment of siding colors is available. However, if a color choice is unavailable, unpainted fiber cement can be installed, and the homeowner can choose any color. Fiber cement also is very heat resistant more so than many other products on the market.

Cedar shingles or planks offer a traditional look to a home, whether cedar is painted or allowed to age naturally. Fiber cement siding is pest-resistant and can be made to resemble wood siding. Both options provide a long-lasting, weather-resistant and beautiful exterior to a home. Both are each decent choices for the harsh elements of a New England winter or summer, as well as for both seasons in between on the Eastern seaboard’s extreme climates.

Another alternative to cedar and fiber cement is Everlast Composite Siding, which is highly recommended by United Home Experts. Everlast has the exact looks of cedar and a far superior durability than cedar and fiber cement siding, but offers more with its versatility of being essentially maintenance free and having the capability to paint without any drawbacks. Everlast also costs less than cedar siding, putting an ease to homeowners’ cost budget.

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An after photo with Everlast composite siding. Color: Seaside Gray