Is fishing your thing?  Then think Lake Maspenock.  In the original native language, Maspenock means “choice fishing place.”  There are more than 10 species of fish in the lake, including largemouth bass, yellow perch, white perch, bluegill and several others.  During the winter months ice fishing is allowed.

It’s the little things, like ice fishing at Lake Maspenock that make living in Upton so worthwhile.  Fortunately the homeowners of Upton believe that the town needs to look its best to maintain its quaint charm and grace.

One thing that helps the town to continue looking its best are all the new roofs which the homeowners of Upton ihave install in recent years.  Nothing makes a home – or a community – look shabby and uncared-for faster than a dilapidated roof.

Even so, the homeowners are quite choosy about the people they call a roofer in Upton.  To be considered a credible roofing contractor in this town, a contractor must meet several rather stringent requirements.

For one thing, any local roofing contractor must offer a roof with an unconditional lifetime guarantee – including labor!  Not only that, any local roofing contractor has to use only the highest grade of shingles, flashing and water-tight barriers and they have to be manufactured by Owens Corning, the recognized world leader in roofing products.  Second best simply won’t do.

But probably most important is the fact tha any local roofing contractor must have a stake in Upton’s future.  A roofer in Upton must have the best interests of the community and the homeowners at heart.  A local roofer must have roofed more than a hundred homes in this town and must have a terrific reputation locally.

That’s an awful lot to ask for.  Very few contractors can come even close to all of that.  One that does is United jHome Experts.  United Home Experts has a stake in Upton – they have roofed more than one hundred local homes and businesses and their reputation is spotless.

They also offer an unconditional lifetime guaranteed roof – including labor!  That means that any homeowner who has a UHE roof installed will never have to think about a new roof again in their lifetime.  Call UHE today and ask to speak with one of their highly-trained and very friendly roofing experts for all the particulars.

Of course, United Home Experts only uses the very best roofing products from the very best roofing products manufacturer – Owens Corning.  You don’t want inferior products on your home and neither does UHE.

That brings up one last point. Besides using only Owens Corning products on your roof, UHE also uses the very kbest, most highly-trained and skill roofing installers in the business.  They have to.  There is no other way to guarantee a roof for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, some of United Home Experts competitors don’t think your home deserves the very best when it comes to installers.  Some other roofing contractors here locally hire their installers from the back of a pick-up truck each morning at a local parking lot.  Do you want workers like that working on your home, around your family?

So what about cost?  The best cost more, right?  Not in this case.  United Home Experts roofs more homes and businesses than just about anyone else in this entire area.  That means they use a lot of roofing materials.

So much roofing material, in fact, that they demand and get the lowest wholesale price possible, allowing them to pass the savings on to Upton’s homeowners.  Check them out yourself.  Call United Home Experts and talk roofs with them.  Once you know they really are the roofing experts, then ask them about price.  You’ll be simply amazed!

Andy Engdahl is Roofing Specialist for United Home Experts and works hard to educate his customers about a proper roof installation process, good quality products, and how to receive the best warranties in the roofing industry.


A long lasting, high performance roof in Massachusetts is much more intricate and involved than what is in plain sight.  It is very easy and common to see a roof as basically a bunch of shingles covering your house.  To have a roof that will work and stand the extreme weather conditions in Massachusetts, it is very important to hire a roofing company that uses a proven roofing system.

A proper roof system will help prevent many of the problems associated with roofs in Massachusetts, such as ice dams. A roofing system is made up of many components that essentially work in unison.  The components that are part of a roof system include;

    • shingles
    • ventilation
    • underlayment

A strong roof system should always begin with removing the existing layers of roofing and inspecting the entire deck surface.  Sheathing that is has rot needs to be replaced. Next, ice and water shield should be applied six feet from all lower edges, eaves, dormers, in valleys and around skylights.  The ice and water shield provides protection from ice dams and prevents leaks from wind driven rain.  After the ice and water, a high performance fiber glass reinforced felt paper needs to be positioned on the remaining decking.  The fiber glass reinforced felt paper provides an extra layer of protection between the shingles and the roof deck.  Following the felt paper is a layer of starter shingles around the perimeter of the roof.   After the starter shingles are applied, high quality, strong warranty shingles should be placed on the roof.  The final step to a high performing roof system in Massachusetts is proper ventilation. There are various options for ventilating ones roof depending on the design of the roof.  A typical vent for a roof is a ridge vent.  The ridge vent works very well to prevent excessive heat and moisture. It is absolutely vital that a roofing company in Massachusetts follow a very similar roofing system as outlined above. The aforementioned roofing system should provide for a worry free durable roof for many years to come.

location_epdmWhen it comes to roof leaks in New England, flatter roofs generally have more problems.  Flatter roofs on areas such as porches, dormers, additions, and commercial buildings deal with slower drainage, more water pooling, and more wind-driven rain issues.  All of these can lead to roof leakage and serious damage.

We are constantly asked by home and business owners, what we recommend for lower slope roofs in our service area (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New  Hampshire).  The answer is almost exclusively EPDM Rubber Roofing systems such as those made by RPI® or Genflex®.  EPDM is designed not to easily deteriorate.  It withstands damage from ozone, UV, heat, frost, and other environmental factors that typically have a damaging effect on flat roof products such as rolled asphalt, tar, and sheet metal.

Besides being very resistant to the elements, the major benefit of rubber roofing is the ability to minimize seams.  EPDM comes in various different sizes that can be installed on all types of roof surfaces.  Wherever seams are necessary, as long as they are properly sealed, they will perform as good as the rest of the membrane.

If you are having issues with a low-pitch roof area, or are concerned about it Contact Us to give you a no pressure estimate.

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