The Impact of Proper Roofing Ventilation, Humidity & Moisture Control

Your roof has to handle a lot in the often harsh New England climate, yet many homeowners still think of ‘moisture control’ as putting a bucket underneath a leak as soon as it springs up. To develop a smarter strategy, you may first want to learn more about how your roof reacts to the elements before you decide on a solution.

Swelling and Rot  

Most people know that wood will swell under the pressure of moisture, whether it comes directly from rain or air heavy with water vapor. Even lumber that’s been treated with chemicals to resist swelling will still face trouble after repeated exposure. If your roof doesn’t have proper ventilation, you risk mildew or even mold developing in your attic. Wood beams can even start to rot away. Not only can this severely impact the structural stability of your home, it can increase your risk of allergies or respiratory problems.

Complete Collapse

It can be easy for homeowners to ignore roof problems, at least at the beginning. Unless you can visually see a problem, you’re unlikely to scrutinize the state of your attic very often. But it’s possible for roofing trouble to advance to the point of complete destruction if left untreated. The buckling and bending the roof goes through as it attempts to ward off the worst effects of humidity can open up entryways to your home, which will then inch their way into the spaces below. Before long, you might have deep cracks in your walls and ceilings.

In addition to being unattractive, these cracks can decrease the value of your home and increase the cost of repairs.

United Home Experts has been helping homeowners fight off the worst of New England weather, and we can help you too. Our maintenance and repair services make it simple for you to get the right ventilation for your roof.

Our professional staff has been trained to spot even tiny signs of humidity damage, so it doesn’t have a chance to spread. It’s our job to find you the most cost-effective moisture control solution for your roof.  To read more about our roof repair & inspection services – please visit our main Repair & Service page for detailed information.