What Windows Are Best?

When you’re replacing your windows, determining what window styles and materials will work best with your home can be a tough choice when there are so many different windows to choose from. Use this guide to window replacement and you’ll know what windows are best for your home or business.


One of the more common window materials in use today is vinyl. Made from a strong plastic, this durable, pliable and long lasting material works great for use with windows. It’s stain resistant and less prone to scratches and dents than conventional materials. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors that rarely fade and never need painting. Vinyl windows have one drawback—they are not well insulated against sound or radiant heat transfer.

Fiberglasscomposite windows button1

These window materials are one of the strongest window frames available. Fiberglass allows the window to have a solid frame while maintaining a resilient shell that resists moisture well, even around pool areas where chlorination can ruin conventional window materials. Best of all, fiberglass can be painted to mimic real wood. Fiberglass’s only down side is that it can be expensive.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in window frames, wood is the most beautiful option for you. From stained to painted, wooden windows have a style and luster that can’t be beat. Wood is strong, durable, affordable and has a high R-value. Wood windows do a few drawbacks. Regular biannual maintenance is required to keep wood windows resilient against the elements, insects and Mother Nature.

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