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Choosing from among all the different types and styles of windows available and cutting through the clutter of conflicting “facts” from each manufacturer is an almost impossible job. And there is no reason for the homeowner to walk this minefield alone. Talk to the experts at United Home Experts. They know everything there is to know about windows, and they install virtually every type of window there is, so their recommendations can be based solely on what is best for the homeowner and not on where their next commission check is coming from.

The Advantages of Vinyl-Framed Windows

Vinyl windows can be ordered to fit the exact size of a home’s window openings. This can be especially Vinyl9500-Series_Room-Scene_Interior_4advantageous on older homes which may have odd-sized openings. By purchasing windows that are made to fit a home’s current openings exactly, vinyl windows can be installed quickly and easily with little or no damage to the surrounding siding. Naturally, there may be a modest additional charge for custom sizes, but even with the additional charge, vinyl windows can still be less costly than many other alternatives.

Vinyl is not affected by salt spray or most air-born contaminants. Homes near the ocean, which are subject to almost continual salt spray, have discovered that vinyl does not rust, absorb moisture and swell or cause any of the other problems which other window frames are subject to under similar conditions. Vinyl is also unaffected by air pollution, even in heavily industrialized areas, which is something many other frames cannot boast of.

The Disadvantages of Vinyl-Framed Windows

Vinyl windows cannot be painted. While the fact that vinyl windows come with the color imbued into the vinylshingle-siding itself can be an advantage, if the color is not quite right or if the homeowner wants to change the color of the house in the future, the vinyl window frames do not accept paint well, and this may detract from the overall appearance of a home.

If the vinyl frame is not held together by screws then it is welded. Unfortunately, welding can cause as many problems as using screws. Poor welding can result in drainage problems which are not readily apparent and welds can also allow for air leakage, which negates most of the window’s insulating properties.

Choosing the type and style of window that is right for a particular home and fits into the homeowner’s pocketbook can be a real challenge. After all, a homeowner has several different window frames to choose from and each manufacturer is making confusing and competing claims to grab the homeowner’s cash. Hopefully, the information in this article will equip the homeowner with at least some ammunition in the hunt for the perfect window.


Transom windows can be installed by themselves (as interior windows), or as decorations above doors and cased openings.  Standard carpentry tools such as nails and hammers are needed, as well as a few simple components to frame the transom.

In addition to the cased opening components, it is necessary to have adequate material for the fabrication of a jamb frame, a stop molding (for holding the sash in place), and a mullion (for installing the transom above your door).

Any homeowner who is looking to add both beauty and functionality to his or her home should consider installing transom windows. Most people won’t have any idea of where to start, so here are the basic instructions for completing transom window installation above a door.

Those that are really looking to take on this project themselves should first get a detailed set of instructions from the window manufacturers. This set of instructions is strictly to get an idea of the process. We are not responsible for any accidents, warranty voids or mishandling. We highly recommend allowing professionals, like ourselves, to replacing your windows. We offer the best warranties and coverage, aside from manufacturers, for replacement windows that are available to homeowners in the New England area.

Step 1. The first thing that is needed is a calculation of the final opening width. Based on this measurement, a transom jamb frame will need to be measured to fit that same width (about a quarter inch bigger on all side than the actual dimension of the door slab). This frame will be made using flat jamb material. The transom sash might need to be cut down slightly in order to fit inside the frame of the jamb.

Step 2. The transom sash should be centered inside the jamb frame and fastened to it. It is often easier to do this while lying on a flat surface to inhibit twisting during assembly. Temporary spacer blocks should be used to hold the transom sash in place until the stop molding can be applied. It is recommended that spacing nails or screws be fastened every eight to twelve inches.

Step 3. The stop molding needs to be cut and assembled on both sides of the sash to provide a completed look forduring (6)-resized-600 your transom. This has the added advantage of covering any gaps that might exist between the jamb frame and the sash.  Some common trim profiles that are used for this purpose include cove mold, quarter round, and square stop. Install shorter (vertical) stop pieces first.  This will allow for the bending of longer pieces into place to obtain a tight fit.

Step 4. The transom unit (the assembled sash and frame) should now be fastened on top of the cased opening or door.  To accomplish this, nail the transom jamb to the head jamb of the door (or cased opening) beneath it.

Step 5. Once everything is assembled, it will be necessary to measure the door and transom together as one unit.  Cut the casing (the two legs and the one header) and install on one complete side of the transom.  Then case the other side of the assembled door / transom after installing the door in the rough opening.  If the transom and the door are assembled directly at the foot of the opening, it is much easier to secure the door in its final position.

Step 6. After applying the casing, complete the transom trimming process by installing the mullion between the jamb frame and the door head jamb.  Adjust the mull detail by installing spacer blocks between the jambs and using a wide mullion to cover the gap.

Step 7. Next, the assembled unit (cased on one side) will need to be placed into the rough opening by plumbing and tacking.  Then shim and nail behind the jamb on the open, uncased, side.

Step 8. After shimming, the uncased side should be measured, cut, and completed.

Step 9. Repeat Step 6 for the unfinished side of the transom.

The process for installing a transom over a cased opening or by itself is completed in the exact same way (without the doors).

These are the basic steps one would take to install a window. Of course, after reading these instructions, some homeowners may prefer toleave the task to the professionals. United Home Experts can help; the company specializes in window installation and a variety of other home improvement projects for those living in the Eastern New England area.


There aren’t many towns in the country where one of the biggest attractions is the public library, but Franklin’s public library on Main Street has the distinction of being the first free public library in the United States.  And let’s not forget the red brick one-room schoolhouse at the corner of Maple and Lincoln – the oldest one room schoolhouse still in use in the country, with about 700 years left on its lease!

There are dozens of old, historic buildings along Main Street in Franklin, but a house doesn’t have to be part of the LHT_DH_Kitchen_10state’s Historical Register to mean something to the people of Franklin.  The homeowners of Franklin are extremely proud of each and every home in Franklin.  That’s why window replacement in Franklin is so important.  The problem is, a homeowner almost needs a degree in windows from the local university just to choose the right windows these days without the worry of complications years later.

That’s why homeowners in Franklin are looking to experts in window replacement whenever their homes need a makeover.  Windows today are far different from the windows of just a few years ago.  Fiberglass windows, especially those made by the Marvin Window Company, are the new norm in replacement windows now.

Homeowners in Franklinare still picky about the people they choose to replace their windows.  They demand thatICAIntSetAFfirepla2_07_ITc3 any window contractor meet some rather stiff criteria.  For one thing, any window contractor has to know all of Franklin’s building codes and permits inside and out.

They also need to know everything there is to know about Energy Star Ratings and how those ratings apply to new windows.  And perhaps most importantly, anyone doing window replacement in Franklin must have a spotless local reputation.

That’s a lot to ask for, but the homeowners of Franklin can rest easy because of United Home Experts.  United Home Experts has replaced more windows in Franklin than just about any other contractor around and they are experts when it comes to local buildings codes and permits.  It is almost impossible to walk down the streets in Franklin without finding at least one home or business where UHE has replaced the windows.  As a homeowner you can relax and let the experts at UHE handle all of the paperwork for your new windows.

United Home Experts knows absolutely everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings.  UHE recommends SHBeautyInterior-resized-600fiberglass windows by Marvin or Marvin wood frame windows.  Both of these windows have the highest Energy Star ratings and will save local homeowners money on their utility bills month after month, year after year.

One last thing.  Most Franklin homeowners are a little particular about the people they want working on their homes and around their families.  United Home Experts feels the same way which is why they use the same window installation crews all the time, people who have worked for the company for years and are highly skilled and expertly trained.  The sad fact is, however, not all local window contractors feel this way.  Some local contractors pick up their window installers on a day-by-day basis from the parking lot of the local home improvement center.  Think about that when you choose your contractor.

Windows set the tone for a home.  That’s something to keep in mind whether you choose the beautiful wood-grain look of a Marvin fiberglass window or the timeless elegance of a Marvin real wood window frame.  But whichever you choose, you certainly can’t go wrong picking United Home Experts as your window installer, the #1 replacement window expert here in Franklin. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main replacement window page!

To schedule your free estimate, give us a call at 508-881-8555.


The town of Wayland was supposedly named after Doctor Francis Wayland, the president of Brown University.  This was back in the 1830s.  Since then, Wayland has grown to be one of the wealthier towns in all of Massachusetts, with a median household income of over $120,000.

It is not just the relative wealth of the town which accounts for so much pride in the history of this entire area, especially Wayland itself.  Homeowners here are looking for ways to keep their homes looking good as well as historically accurate.

One way to do that is through the choice of replacement windows.  After all, windows help to define not just the marvin-double-hung-window-19-459x540-resized-600way a home looks, but the way an entire neighborhood presents itself.  That means choosing the right type of windows to go with a particular home.

Today homeowners have more window choices than ever before – and it can be extremely confusing.  Every manufacturer is screaming that their product is the best on the market.  So how does a homeowner choose when it comes time for window replacement in Wayland?

For one thing, homeowners in this part of the country overwhelmingly want either fiberglass windows or wood framed windows.  The best company for both fiberglass and wood windows is Marvin, one of the top window manufacturers in the world.

For window replacement in Wayland, homeowners demand a contractor who knows all local codes and permits.  After all, no homeowner wants to discover after it is too late that a contractor failed to file the proper permit.

Windows, perhaps more than any other part of a home, can be a source of lost energy – and lost energy translates andersenexterior-04-075-resized-600in lost dollars in higher heating and cooling bills.  Installing the right windows, with the highest possible Energy Star rating, is extremely important to local homeowners.

It is also important to use a window contractor who is part of the local community.  A contractor needs roots in the area and needs to genuinely care about the quality of work performed.

United Home Experts is the only local contractor who meets all of the criteria demanded by Wayland homeowners.  UHE has been putting windows in Wayland homes for more years than anyone cares to remember and they know every local code and building permit requirement by heart.

UHE recommends Marvin fiberglass windows or wood frame windows and a few other window brands.  Marvinmarvin-double-hung-window-11-635x540-resized-600 is the recognized leader in the manufacture of windows.  Marvin fiberglass windows are textured and colored to look virtually identical to wood.  Their fiberglass windows are light weight, quick, and have one of the highest Energy Star ratings in the business.  Marvin wood frame windows have that classic look and feel to them and they are as “green” as it is possible to get.  Homeowners who choose either Marvin fiberglass windows or Marvin wood frame windows never need to worry about the quality of their choice.

Keep in mind, too, that many lesser contractors hire their window installers as day workers off of some parking lot – but the professional installers who work for United Home Experts have been well trained and work for the company full-time.  Homeowners never need to worry about the quality or the qualifications of the expert installers at UHE.

Price is always a concern, and many homeowners assume that because they are choosing the very best window contractor in Wayland that they are choosing the most expensive.  Not necessarily.  Keep in mind that UHE is one of the largest installers of windows in all of the Northeast which means they purchase their windows in bulk at deeply discounted prices.  They pass their lower costs on to their customers, keeping their prices in line with many lesser contractors.  So give the friendly and knowledgeable folks at UHE a call today and find out for yourself just how affordable replacement windows in Wayland can be. For more information about our replacement window services, visit our main windows page!


Replacing vinyl windows is not something that people think as an item for home improvement. That is, of course, unless one has owned the house for more than a few years. Like all other parts of a house exposed to the elements, windows deteriorate. When the time comes to replace it, there are several important things to keep in mind.

The Whole Window Often Does Not Need Replacement

More often than not, the window’s frame does not need to be replaced. It is the sturdiest part of the window and, if properly installed, will last a long time. It is also the most difficult to remove. Leaks, which can potentially raise a home’s energy cost, can easily be remedied by making repairs instead of prematurely “ripping out” the window.

The glass panels and the moving parts of the window are what commonly gets worn out or damaged. Simply replacing these with new ones will save money. Vinyl can also be repainted, as the color scheme becomes boring or faded.

Whole Window Replacement Is Expensiveintegritybeautyext1-resized-600

Although vinyl is an inexpensive material, the job of taking out an old window and putting a new one in place is costly. Damage to the part of the wall to which the old window was attached has to be repaired first before it can properly support a new one. If the new window is different from the old one in size, shape, or type, then the hole should be adjusted accordingly.

Some people hire a handyman to save on the labor cost. Unfortunately, their expertise is limited as these people are really generalists instead of specialists who have extensive experience in removing old vinyl windows and replacing them with new ones. United Home Experts is one such specialist in the New England area. Their long experience in window installation ensures that potential problems are prevented.

Replacing A Window Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Job

Although many people pride themselves in their ability to learn something new quickly, a homeowner will basically be experimenting most of the time. This is not the case for a professional contractor who will know all that need to be done and who is experienced enough to be able to do the job quickly with pleasing results.

The Professional Advantage

Replacing old windows is a process that entails many steps. There are several things that could go wrong during the process if an amateur handles the job. This will lead to more expense because a professional will then need to be hired to solve whatever mistakes were made. Immediately approaching professionals who have had many successful projects, say, United Home Experts, will help the owner enjoy the new window early and with less hassle. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main window page!

Replacing the windows in your home can have some big advantages, but also raises some big questions – what kind of windows should you get? What are the advantages and disadvantages of one type over another? Here at UHE we take in the factors that goes into deciding which product fits best for our customers and tailor each free estimate to the liking of the homeowner.

In this article, we wanted to examine the different types of windows, and the advantages of each.

1. Wood Windows: If you’re looking to maintain the historic look of your home, then wood windows can be a great match for you.

While they tend to be a bit more expensive than vinyl or composite windows, wood is extremely sturdy, and surprisingly strong in areas of energy efficiency.

Recommended brands include Andersen Woodwright windows, which offer great beauty, furniture-grade durability and strong energy efficiency.

Wood windows are available in a variety of aesthetic configurations and colors.

2. Vinyl Windows: Vinyl is a very flexible type of window. It tends to be a bit less expensive than wood windows. Many vinyl windows are available in double-pane (2 layers of glass) or triple pane (3 layers of glass) with Low-E coating and argon or krypton gas making their sound proofing and energy efficiency second-to-none.

Maintenance is also very easy on Vinyl Windows. In terms of recommended brands, we prefer Generations windows from Simonton, which offers a wide range of color configurations, interior wood grain laminates, and very strong production.

3. Composite and Fiberglass Windows: Composite and Fiberglass Windows provide the strength and beauty of wood windows, while combining excellent weather resistance and durability.

Marvin wood windows and doors are a perfect solution for homeowners seeking a better insulating and better functioning window or door without losing the beauty of real wood. In terms of brands, we recommend Marvin Integrity fiberglass windows and Pella Impervia Composite Windows.

Marvin has successfully combined the beauty of solid furniture-grade wood on the interior with the convenience, strength, and durability of heavy extruded aluminum on the exterior.
Marvin windows are made from 100% pulltruded fibreglass and have beautifully narrow frames to minimize the amount of glass lost with a replacement window.

Pella windows use a patented composite/fiberglass material named Duracast (r) which ensures strong, durable, low maintenance, and energy efficient windows.

With these handy tips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your replacement windows, so that you can be pleased with your decision for years to come.

We know how important it is when it comes to making an investment on your home and because of that, UHE would like to take care of your home improvement project.

To get a no-hassle guarantee free estimate on your window project, feel free to Contact Us Here!

Also, or more information about replacement windows please feel free to visit YourMarvinWindows.com to learn more.

When you’re replacing your windows, determining what window styles and materials will work best with your home can be a tough choice when there are so many different windows to choose from. Use this guide to window replacement and you’ll know what windows are best for your home or business.


One of the more common window materials in use today is vinyl. Made from a strong plastic, this durable, pliable and long lasting material works great for use with windows. It’s stain resistant and less prone to scratches and dents than conventional materials. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors that rarely fade and never need painting. Vinyl windows have one drawback—they are not well insulated against sound or radiant heat transfer.

Fiberglasscomposite windows button1

These window materials are one of the strongest window frames available. Fiberglass allows the window to have a solid frame while maintaining a resilient shell that resists moisture well, even around pool areas where chlorination can ruin conventional window materials. Best of all, fiberglass can be painted to mimic real wood. Fiberglass’s only down side is that it can be expensive.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in window frames, wood is the most beautiful option for you. From stained to painted, wooden windows have a style and luster that can’t be beat. Wood is strong, durable, affordable and has a high R-value. Wood windows do a few drawbacks. Regular biannual maintenance is required to keep wood windows resilient against the elements, insects and Mother Nature.

If you are looking for a quote for your windows project, United Home Experts offers a no hassle, no commitment, free quoting.