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Westborough has been around longer than the United States of America so it means a great deal when someone says they are from Westborough, Massachusetts. When there were only 100 towns in the entire state of Massachusetts, Westborough was one of them.

Those are some pretty tough credentials to live up to, especially when it comes time to replace the windows in a home. Whether that home has been around for hundreds of years or whether it is brand new makes little difference. Each and every home is a reflection, to some degree, of the history and the legacy of Westborough.

That is why most homeowners here take remodeling their homes as seriously as they do, especially when it comes Marvin-double-hung-window-19-459x540-resized-600time to replace windows. Windows are the soul of a home. Windows set the tone for how a home is perceived. The wrong windows can definitely send the wrong message.

The problem is, it is so much more difficult to choose windows today than it was even fifteen or twenty years ago. Back in the old days there were not a lot of choices – but today it seems as if there is nothing but choice. In choice, as the saying goes, there is misery.

Fortunately, window replacement in Westborough does not have to be a misery if we break down what exactly it is that homeowners here are looking for in a window contractor.  For one thing, homeowners need a contractor who knows all the local codes and is fully familiar with building permits here.

Homeowners also demand that a window contractor know Energy Star codes and how to include the windows with the highest energy-savings into the project’s budget.  In order to provide windows which are both energy efficient and economical the contractor will need to offer both fiberglass windows as well as traditional wood-frame windows.

The last thing homeowners here in Westborough demand is a window contractor who is local, a company with casementpushoutroots right here in Westborough who genuinely cares about the quality of his work.

Is it even possible to find a contractor who embodies all of these qualities?  Fortunately the answer is a resounding yes!  United Home Experts has serviced in Westborough for many years and can point with tremendous pride to many of homes and businesses who are thrilled with the workmanship and the price provided by UHE.

And because UHE has been working here in Westborough for so long they know every local building code and precisely where to go and who to talk to in order to get all required permits.  Homeowners can rest easy at night knowing all the legal bases are covered.

United Home Experts feature both fiberglass windows as well as wood-framed windows by Marvin, one of the premiere window manufacturers in the world.  Marvin windows have some of the highest Energy Star ratings in the country, providing homeowners here with the best savings possible on their monthly utility bills.  And remember, those savings keep adding up month after month, year after year.

Two final points about United Home Experts.  First, they are one of the largest window contractors in this part of marvinulitmatepushoutfrench_overthe country which means that they buy their high-quality windows in bulk at discounted prices and they pass those savings on to local homeowners.  Also, unlike many contractors who pick up their workers from the parking lot of the local home center, UHE’s skilled laborers have years of training and have been working for the same company, sometimes for decades.  This allows UHE to offer homeowners here in Westborough the best warranty in the business.

Homeowners who are serious about window replacement in Westborough and who want the best in either fiberglass windows or wood-frame windows need to at least talk with the friendly and knowledgeable folks at United Home Experts, Westborough’s own windows experts.


For a few days each year Hopkinton, Massachusetts is known around the world as the starting line for the Boston Marathon. But the people of Hopkinton know that their town has roots that go back much further and reach far deeper than any Marathon. Hopkinton was founded in 1715 and many of its homes date back that far, or nearly so. The people of Hopkinton are justifiably proud of their illustrious past and most homeowners are anxious to maintain the general look and feel of the town whenever they upgrade their property, including window replacements.windowroom-resized-600

There was a time, not too long ago, when replacing a window was a simple matter. One merely bought a couple panes of window glass and had them installed. Today, of course, things are much different. Today homeowners are more aware of the vital importance of windows, both from an aesthetic sense as well as from an Energy Star perspective.

Today’s homeowners have a wider choice of windows and window styles than ever before. In some ways this is a good development – but with choice comes misery, as they say, and deciding on just the right windows, with so much to choose from, can be a daunting task.

So what should a homeowner look for in a window replacement?Marvin-double-hung-window-19-459x540-resized-600

First, find a contractor who is totally conversant with all codes and permits here in Hopkinton. Hiring a contractor who isn’t aware of local codes and regulations can cost the homeowner a great deal down the line.

Next, look for someone who understands Energy Star ratings inside and out. Energy Star ratings help the homeowner choose a replacement window that will conserve the maximum amount of energy and save the homeowner on his or her utility bill month after month, year after year. Purchasing a window with a high Energy Star rating is one of the most important things a homeowner can do.

Of course, the window has to look right for the home as well as the neighborhood. When it comes to looks combined with energy efficiency two basic types of windows rise to the top: fiberglass windows and wood frame windows.Andersen

Fiberglass windows used to look rather tacky – but those days are long gone. Today’s modern fiberglass can be textured to look almost indistinguishable from real wood, and the range of colors are designed to match virtually any home exterior and decorating style. Plus fiberglass can be painted any color the homeowner chooses. Fiberglass is also among the least expensive and easiest-to-install replacement windows. Fiberglass clad windows, especially those by Marvin Windows, also have one of the highest Energy Star ratings.

Wood windows are the benchmark of windows.Wood is one of the best insulation materials so wood windows, especially Marvin Wood Windows, are among the highest rated when it comes to conserving energy. Wood is also the ultimate in going “green.” And wood just looks good and takes paint better than virtually any other material.


Reputation is also important when it comes to choosing a window contractor. The contractor must have a genuine stake in the community.

So where does that leave the Hopkinton homeowner? The only window contractor in this area which encompasses all of the qualities listed above is United Home Experts. They specialize in Marvin Fiberglass and wood windows and they have been replacing windows in the Hopkinton area for many years. They have more satisfied customers in this area than virtually anyone else and they are happy to show potential customers their past work.

One last thing. Many contractors find their installers as day laborers in some parking lot. Not United Home Experts. UHE installers have all been with the company for years and all have special training in window replacement. UHE backs this up with one of the best warranties in the business.

So when it is time to replace windows here in Hopkinton there should be little hesitation in choosing a contractor. At the very least speak with one of the friendly and knowledgeable people at United Home Experts; the information they have is worth more than money. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main window replacement page!


More than 300 years after its founding, the picturesque and historical town of Southborough, Massachusetts still maintains its charm and its authentic look. Preserving the history of Southborough is a source of pride for the people of this area.  That desire for preservation and authenticity extends to the architectural heritage of the town as well, and that is where window replacement comes into play.  Nothing destroys the charm and authenticity of an old home faster than choosing the wrong windows.

Choosing the wrong windows is easier to do now than ever before.  The reason is simple.  Today there is a multitude of window replacement choices and with additional choices come the increased potential for a misstep.

Double-pane windows are required today in order to conserve energy, but the variety of frames the homeowner Marvin-double-hung-window-19-459x540-resized-600has to choose from is greater today than ever before. Marvin fiberglass windows are an excellent choice for many homes in Southborough.  Marvin fiberglass windows have fiberglass frames that are textured to look just like wood, so the windows can maintain the look of virtually any neighbourhood.  For real-wood frames, which are extremely energy efficient, one of the very best is the line of Marvin wood frame windows. Wood frames provide excellent value, as they are made from a renewable resource, and they are as non-polluting as it is possible to get. They are also quick and easy to install.

The homeowner who is overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices when it comes to window frames should not feel alone.  The number of choices is one important reason for homeowners to consult with an expert before choosing a window.  The question is: who is the most qualified window expert to consult in Southborough?

The expert needs to be a contractor intimately aware of all Southborough codes and permit requirements.  That means it has to be someone who has done business in Southborough for many years and someone who has a working knowledge (not just a theoretical knowledge) of all legal requirements for both construction and individual window choices in this area.

But there needs to be more than that.  Homeowners must live in the real world where paying utility bills is a fact, each and every month.  That means the people of this area need a contractor who also knows all the ins and outs of Energy Star ratings.  Both fiberglass and real wood windows, for instance, rate very highly when it comes to energy conservation.  Energy Star ratings tell the homeowner how good (or how bad) a particular window is at keeping out the sun’s harmful rays and how well the window keeps the home’s expensive heat and air conditioning inside, where they belong.Marvin-double-hung-window-11-635x540-resized-600

Then there is the matter of the contractor’s long-term involvement in the community.  Before a homeowner pays hard-earned money for replacement windows and their installation, the homeowner needs to know that the contractor has deep and abiding roots in the community, will be around if there is ever a problem, and will guarantee the work. Having roots in a community means that the contractor cares deeply about each and every job performed because even one negative word-of-mouth can deeply harm a local concern. This ensures that the window contractor will do everything in its power to keep the customer satisfied and happy.

United Home Experts has been installing windows in the Southborough area for many years and has hundreds of happy and satisfied customers they can point to with pride.  UHE knows all local codes and permit requirements and has its own equipment.  UHE only installs the highest quality windows, including Marvin, and each installation job comes with one of the strongest warranties in the business. Importantly, United Home Experts only uses highly trained and skilled installers who have been with the company for many years.  The company never uses day laborers as many other contractors do. Lastly, being one of the largest window installers in the area, UHE buys its windows in bulk at wholesale prices and passes the savings on to the homeowner.

It is true that choosing the right windows for a home, especially for a historic house, can be a daunting challenge.  Homeowners in the Southborough area would do well to consult with an expert like United Home Experts to profit from their free, no-obligation ideas and suggestions, even if the homeowner has no plans to use their services. For more information about our window services, visit our main window replacement page!


Many homeowners in Ashland can probably remember a time when it was possible to go to the local “window glass” supplier and order a sheet of glass to replace a broken window.  Those days are long gone.  Replacing a broken window or replacing all the windows in a home in Ashland is a lot more complicated today.

However, when it comes to window replacement, one thing that has not changed is the idea of one-stop shopping for all of a homeowner’s window needs.  Even though the window and glass choices have become more complex, homeowners can rely on the window experts at United Home Experts to handle any job, no matter how large or how small, with the same level of professionalism, pride and respect that the homeowner remembers from days gone by.copy of pictures09 028

Today’s windows are double-paned, with an inert gas such as argon between the panes to reduce heat transfer.  Most window companies can supply the homeowner with simple double-paned windows, but it takes a real window expert to know all the tiny details and not so tiny ones that make the job of window replacement in a home go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

For example, the homeowner needs a window expert who knows Ashland’s codes and permits backward as well as forward.  Having windows replaced by a contractor who is not familiar with local codes, rules, regulations and permits can result in a great deal of unnecessary red tape, wasted time and possibly even fines.

An improper choice in windows or incorrect installation can also result in huge utility bills for a homeowner.  It is absolutely necessary that a window contractor be fully conversant in all aspects of the Energy Star rating system and understands how to choose the windows with the best insulation properties which still match both the homeowner’s aesthetic criteria as well as fit into the homeowner’s pocketbook.

The best way to do this is to choose window experts with a solid local reputation.  Window experts with a local reputation will do almost anything to keep that reputation in-tact.  The window professionals at United Home Experts have hundreds of satisfied customers in the Ashland area and can point with pride to dozens or even hundreds of homes whose windows they have both supplied and installed.

It is important that a window installer have more than one window choice for the homeowner.  United Home Experts specialize in Marvin windows arguably the best window on the market and they stock both wooden-frame windows and fiberglass windows.  While wood frames have a certain aesthetic appeal to some homeowners as well as excellent insulating properties, fiberglass windows are lightweight, can be painted in a variety of colors and are easy on the pocketbook.  Which window is best for your home depends on a variety of factors, which the window experts will be happy to discuss.  Also keep in mind that United Home Experts buys their windows in bulk so they can pass on the savings to their customers.

Yes, the old days are gone, but today’s choices offer more variety than ever before and allow more homeowners than ever to express themselves in a whole new way. The professionals at United Home Experts are more than willing to provide a free consultation to help homeowners understand and take care of all their window replacement needs. For more information about window replacement,

Window screens are easily one of the most forgotten parts of any home. They get dirty, saggy and torn, and no one seems to notice. These torn screens are more important than one might realize. An intact screen not only looks better, but also improves a home’s energy efficiency as well as its ability to keep out pests.

It is easy and inexpensive to fix screens with some simple tools and a little professional knowledge. Many homeowners may be surprised at just how beautiful the end result can be.

Repairing the Screen

If choosing to repair the screen, first assess the material it is made of. Most screens are made of fiberglass, metal or plastic. Metal screens are often made with aluminum, bronze or copper. It is important to replace metal screens with the same metal as in the frame. On the other hand, fiberglass and plastic screens are best for wood frames because there is less chance of staining.

After clarifying what material is needed, a thorough assessment of the screen damage will also need to be made. Tears can be repaired in one of two ways: sealing or patching.

To complete a sealing, measure the size of the holes. Holes with a diameter of 1/4″ at most can be fixed with a little bit of household cement that dries rapidly. Slightly larger holes can be fixed by weaving a few loose strands of wire into the screen before the cement is added.

When patching, keep in mind that the screen and the patch should both be made of the same material. It will be necessary to remove the screen from the window, place it on a flat surface and clean it thoroughly. To clean the screen, give it a gentle scrub with a wire brush, or run a vacuum cleaner hose attachment over the surface, and the screen will be made to look almost like new.

Next, use tin snips to cut out a patch of scrap screen material in the shape of a square that is two inches bigger than the hole to be repaired. This provides something to hold onto during installation. The excess that is left over once the patch has been set in place will then need to be trimmed.

It will then be necessary to remove inch of the cross-threads from either side of the screen and then to use a pointed tool like an awl to flatten the wires in place. Loop the scrap wire around the hole to make a 90-degree angle in relation to the area being patched, and push the wires into the screen, being sure to press them all down flat. Spray enamel, paint, or varnish on each side of the screen and let dry completely.

Replace the Screen

Sometimes it is just not possible to repair the damage that has been done to a screen. Some holes are too big and/or are in strange positions that do not allow for easy repairing. In cases like these, it is most likely that the screen will have to be replaced.

There are many things to think about when it comes to complete window screen replacement. It can be a much more involved process than just a simple repair. Our company replaces whole units of windows, not just screens, so if you have done work with us in the past, there are chances that you may be covered under warranty.

Windows, it has been said, are the eyes and soul of a home.  That may be a somewhat poetic notion, but hey most of us would agree that the choice of the right windows can definitely make a huge difference in the appearance and the appeal of a home  –  not to mention have a profound and long-term effect on the homeowner’s energy bills.

There was a time when replacing a window simply meant replacing a simple sheet of glass.  Those times are longcasementpushout gone.  Today, windows are among the most complex and technologically advanced parts of any home here in New England.  It requires that today’s replacement window installers be highly skilled and trained individuals.

Buying and installing replacement windows in Nashua, NH requires a great deal of knowledge as well as skill.  The choice of the proper window installer is almost as important as purchasing the right quality window.  Fortunately there are the experts at United Home Experts, who have years of training and experience when it comes to replacement windows in Nashua, NH.  They understand how to make windows stand up to New England weather inside and out, and they offer homeowners and business owners a totally free window evaluation to aid them in their decision.

Choice is everything when it comes to replacement windows. Steer clear of installers who offer only one or two types of windows and try to make those fit every homeowner. The window experts at United Home Experts offer several different types of double paned windows in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit every decorating style, as well as every pocketbook.

Window sizes can vary greatly, especially in older homes sporting windows in sizes that were once popular but are no longer standard. It is imperative that homeowners do not settle for standard-size windows which may destroy the look and the integrity of older, classic homes. Windows also come in a variety of styles, from old-fashioned to ultra-modern, and it is important to find replacement window installers who not only know how to install windows correctly, but who can recommend and supply windows which are right for each particular job – and not simply try to sell the windows they happen to have in stock.

Equally as important is finding a window installer who understands the all-important NFRC window ratings. NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Ratings Council, an independent body that tests and rates the energy efficiency of windows. By comparing NFRC ratings, a homeowner can be certain how each window compares as far as energy usage is concerned, which is often a top priority here in the harsh and unpredictable climate of Nashua, NH.harveywindows

Fortunately, the friendly and helpful experts at United Home Experts are wizards when it comes to understanding NFRC ratings, as well as the latest Energy Star window ratings. Energy Star ratings are a national rating system that compares energy usage across the entire spectrum of windows available to the homeowner.

An Energy Star rating of 50 indicates that a window is only average in its energy-savings ability. A rating of 75 or better indicates superior energy savings. Be aware that windows marked as “Energy Efficient” are not necessarily Energy Star rated – although their makers want the homeowner to believe they are. Only Energy Star certified products are certain to help homeowners conserve energy, thus also saving on energy costs for the long-term.

Today’s homeowner has a lot to think about when it comes to replacing windows. There is not only the aesthetics of the window itself to consider, but one must also weigh both the long-term energy savings and the initial cost for both purchasing and installing a window when making an informed decision. Fortunately the experts at United Home Experts here in the Nashua region can assist homeowners in finding the perfect window solution for their homes.

Buying new or replacement windows can be a huge and often frightening proposition.  There are so many choices out there, and the average homeowner may be afraid of making a mistake that they will have to live with for years afterward. But the decision does not have to be a frightening one. In the harsh Northeast, where the summers are just as brutal on windows as the winters. Here we’ll discuss 2 options that the homeowner can choose.


Those options are Andersen 400 Windows and Harvey Majesty Windows. None of this is to say that there are not Andersendifferences between the products of the two companies or that the product from one company might not be slightly more suitable to a particular situation.  So let us look at a few specifics.

An internal comparison survey was conducted by the United Home Experts team. We provide siding, roofing, window and door replacement services throughout eastern New England. Unbiased opinions were retrieved based on our individual experience using the products. The ratings provided are opinion based and not the result of lab testing or product specification examination.This article is intended merely to provide information to New England homeowners.


A warranty tells a homeowner how strongly a manufacturer believes in its own product.  The longer a warranty, the more faith a manufacturer has in its product.  Obviously no manufacturer wants a homeowner to collect on a warranty, so manufacturers go to great lengths to make certain their product exceeds the terms of the warranty.  This is great for the homeowner. The warranties of the Andersen 400 Windows and the Harvey Majesty Windows are very comparable. The Andersen windows are double-insulated with a 20-year warranty on the glass and a 10-year warranty on all other parts.  The Harvey product is also double-insulated with the exact same 20-year warranty on glass and 10 years on all other parts.

Warranties for both companies are transferable to a new owner should a homeowner sell before the warranty period is up”a terrific plus for a buyer, and one that could well aid in the sale of a home.

Andersen Windows allows customers to choose from a number of different types of glass, including Low-E4 tempered glass, which reduces water spots on the glass by up to 99%, or Low-E4 Smartsun tempered glass, which filters out up to 95% of all harmful UV rays.  All Low-E4 glass helps reduce energy consumption in a home. Andersen’s option of Low-E4 Glass may be a deciding factor for some purchasers.

Primary FeaturesHarveyWindows

The Harvey Majesty product comes in a wide choice of shapes: ellipsis, trapezoid, round top and more.  If the homeowner requires specialized shapes for windows or glass, Harvey windows might be a good place to start.  Both the upper and lower sash tilts in for easy cleaning, and the tilting mechanism never needs adjusting.  Harvey Windows are available in both pine and oak frames for easy staining or painting.

The Andersen window also tilts in for easy cleaning and the frames are customizable for non-standard window sizes, ideal for replacements in an historical home.  Anderson also offers a virtually invisible screen to keep insects out in the summer.  The Andersen line offers a rich wood interior that can be stained or painted to match the owner’s d(C)cor, and all Andersen products feature a low-maintenance exterior frame.  Andersen windows are also cleverly designed for fast installation with almost no disruption to any existing frame or siding.


For maximum warranty protection it is advisable that window experts such as United Home Experts are consulted and employed for any home remodel of this importance.  Allowing outside experts to help in choosing the right windows for a particular situation, as well as doing the actual installation, makes good business sense and may help insure the overall value of a home.