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ecsantiqueivory1According to voter registration information, the citizens of Medfield are decidedly independent.  There are just over 1,400 registered Republicans and more than 1,700 Democrats, but the number of independent voters is more than twice as many as all Republicans and Democrats combined.

That independent yet fiercely loyal and patriotic attitude spills over into the way Medfield homeowners feel about their town and the way their town looks to others.  Keeping the town looking good, having pride in their town, means that local homeowners work hard at keeping up the appearance of their homes.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the choices they make for the siding on their homes.

Medfield homeowners want their homes to reflect the pride they feel in their community, but at the same time Dudley2they also want both a low maintenance siding and a siding which will last nearly a lifetime.  After all, no homeowner wants to go through the expense and the aggravation of re-siding their home a second time.

A siding contractor in Medfield has to jump through a lot of hoops before he gets to side a local home.  For one thing, any local siding contractor has to know every local building code and every required permit just as well as the people at the planning office know them. And in order to do that, a siding contractor in Medfield has to have a stake in this community.  A siding contractor must have sided hundreds of local homes and have hundreds of happy customers willing to give them a stellar reference.

A siding contractor also must own all of his own equipment and be an expert at working on both tall buildings as well as maneuvering in small, tight spaces, such as some of the small spaces between buildings.

Lastly, local homeowners demand a contractor who knows everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings InstallationClosebecause a low maintenance siding has to do a lot more than just look good, it also has to protect a home and protect the homeowner’s pocketbook from high utility costs.

That’s a lot to ask for.  Fortunately for the people of Medfield there is a contractor who is just as independent as they are and one who meets or beats all of the requirements that local homeowners have.  That contractor is United Home Experts.

United Home Experts has sided more homes here in Medfield than probably any other contractor.  UHE’s sidings are all very low maintenance and should never have to be replaced again.  UHE also knows more about Energy Star ratings than probably any other contractor since they have sided so many local homes.  Their sidings are all very highly rated and virtually guaranteed to save homeowners a ton of money on their utility bills every month, month after month.

United Home Experts owns all of their own equipment and when it comes to working on tall buildings or mucking Blog-Photo10-resized-600about in tight, cramped spaces, no one has more experience in these areas than United Home Experts.

One last point to keep in mind.  Some local siding contractors hire their installers on a day-to-day basis, finding them at some local home center parking lot.  United Home Experts has never done business that way.  Every United Home Experts installer is hand-picked, most have been with the company for many years and each and every one of them has been meticulously trained to do the best possible job when siding your home.

You would expect to pay a lot more to get the very best siding contractor in all of Medfield, but because United Home Experts sides so many local homes they are able to keep their prices low.  In fact, when you call United Home Experts to pick their brains regarding your home’s siding, you may be surprised to learn just how affordable United Home Experts really are. For more information about our siding services, click here to visit our main siding page!

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