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Westborough, Massachusetts has a very long and illustrious history, extending back to before the Revolutionary War. In part because of this long history the town of Westborough has dozens of Registered Historic sites and the people of this area are extremely proud of their enviable heritage, such as Eli Whitney’s birthplace over on Eli Whitney Street.  That pride even extends to their choice of roofing material on residential homes as well as businesses.

A home’s roof determines the character of not only the home itself but of a neighborhood and, by extension, an entire town.  A roof in Westborough must look authentic while at the same time projecting a stately image and providing the highest Energy Star rating possible.

And that’s not all.  No one wants to roof a home more than once, so it is important that a roofer in Westborough offer a roof with a lifetime warranty.  Of course, in order to do that the contractor would need to use only the best shingles and flashing and the highest grade water seal available, which means the roofer would need to use only the top-rated products from the Certainteed Corporation, the most highly-rated roofing supplier in the world.

And it goes without saying that a roofer in Westborough would need to have very deep roots in the community.  ACTR00PREPDNLR0001B roofing contractor here in Westborough would need to be committed to this town and to its people and have a stake in the quality of his work.

Does such a roofer exist in Westborough?  One does.  United Home Experts embodies every principal that a homeowner here in Westborough is looking for.  UHE is one of the few roofing contractors which offers a lifetime warranty* on many of its roofs and they make a point of using only the highest grade materials from the Certainteed Corporation.

United Home Experts has been roofing homes in the Westborough area for many years.  In fact, it is difficult to drive through any neighborhood in Westborough without finding several homes that have been roofed by the roofing experts at United Home Experts.  They are pleased to offer dozens of references to any homeowner looking to put on a new roof.  shinglesCut

Not only does UHE offer one of the widest choices of shingle styles but UHE also carries virtually every color of roofing material that any homeowner could wish for, allowing homeowners the widest range of personal freedom when it comes to expressing themselves through their homes.  And all UHE roofs carry among the highest Energy Star ratings possible, saving the homeowner potentially thousands of dollars a year on utility bills, year after year after year.

Because United Home Experts has been a part of the Westborough roofer community for so many years, they know the ins and outs of all Westborough codes and permits, relieving the homeowner of that particular chore.  Few things are worse than finishing a roofing project only to discover too late that an incorrect permit was filed or that no permit was filed at all.  UHE relieves the homeowner of that nightmare.  ctr00prepdnlr0001m

One final thing.  All of the best materials and all of the sweetest talk in the world can be undone in a heartbeat if the people who install a roof are unskilled.  The installers at United Home Experts have gone through a rigorous training period and all of them are masters at what they do.  Unlike many so-called roofing experts, UHE never hires its workforce from the day laborers at the local home improvement store parking lot.

What about price?  United Home Experts is one of the largest roofing companies in this area, which means that they buy all of their roofing supplies in bulk at wholesale prices and they pass those savings on to their customers.  So having the very best roof, with a lifetime guarantee, installed by the best-trained roofers in all of Westborough may not be as expensive as you think.  Why not give the knowledgeable and friendly people at United Home Experts a call and see just how affordable a new roof can be. For information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page!

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