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It’s not often that virtually everyone in a town the size of Medfield can agree on anything, but in 1996 the voters of Medfield agreed overwhelmingly to purchase one of the most historic homes in Medfield – indeed, one of the most historic buildings in all of the United States – the Dwight-Derby House at 7 Frairy Street right here in Medfield.  The Dwight-Derby House is one of the oldest – if not the oldest – homes in the United States.  Parts of the home were built in the very year that Medfield became an incorporated town, in the year 1697.  The house was added to the state’s Historical Register in 2002.

There are four historical districts in Medfield encompassing dozens of beautiful and historically-important buildings.  But a home doesn’t have to be on the state’s Historical Register to be important and to deserve the best care possible.  Every home in Medfield is important to someone.

That’s why homeowners in Medfield are so adamant when it comes to keeping their homes looking their best, 4.1.1such as when it is time for a new roof.  Of course, being a roofer in Medfield means that you meet some very strict criteria.

For one thing it means that you have a stake in this community.  In other words, you must have ties to the town and you must have installed roofs on hundreds of local homes and have a spotless reputation.

It also means that you must offer a lifetime guaranteed roof.  After all, no homeowner in Medfield wants to spend the time and money putting on another roof in a few years.  Naturally it goes almost without saying that in order to install a lifetime guaranteed roof, a roofer in Medfield must use only the highest grade roofing materials and they must be manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation, the acknowledged leader in roofing products in the U.S.

Not many roofing contractors can say all of that, but United Home Experts can.  In fact, it would be almost ctr00prepdnlr0001bimpossible to walk or drive down any of Medfield’s beautiful streets without finding at least one home that has been roofed by the professional team at United Home Experts.  UHE has installed more roofs on Medfield homes than probably any other roofer around and they have literally hundreds of local testimonials to show to anyone interested in a new roof.

And because United Home Experts uses the very finest materials from the Certainteed Corporation, they are able to offer a 100% unconditional roof guarantee which includes labor.  That means once a homeowner chooses UHE they never have to even think about a new roof ever again.  Talk to the friendly roofing experts at United Home Experts for all the details.

Homeowners here in Medfield are very particular about the people they allow on their property, the people they shinglescutallow around their families, and United Home Experts agrees with that completely.

That’s why all of United Home Expert’s skilled installers have been hand-picked and carefully trained, and why UHE’s teams of roofer’s have worked together for so long.  It is unfortunate that the same sense of caring is not exhibited by all of UHE’s competitors.  Some local roofing contractors actually hire their workers from a local home center parking lot each morning and know virtually nothing about them.  Are those the type of workers you want installing your roof?

The best always costs the most, right?  That’s usually the case, but not necessarily when it comes to installing a new roof on your home.  The fact of the matter is, United Home Experts is one of the largest roofing companies in the entire Northeast which means they buy their roofing materials in huge bulk lots at the lowest price possible.  They then pass the savings on to the homeowners here in Medfield.  Don’t hesitate to ask United Home Experts about their unconditional roof guarantee, their low price and any other questions you have when you call them yourself to find out just how competitive the #1 Roofer in all of Medfield really is. For more information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page!

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