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Holliston, Massachusetts has been around longer than the United States of America has and longer than the state of Massachusetts.  George Washington stopped in Holliston during the war for Independence.  Today Holliston residents spend long, warm summer’s evenings under the stars at the summer concerts at the Town Hall.  Times have certainly changed.

But some things stay the same.  The people of Holliston have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be proud of.  One of the things the people of Holliston are proud of is the way their town presents itself to the world, especially the way its homes are kept so neat and so beautiful.  Beautiful homes demonstrate a great deal of civic pride.

One of the ways that the homeowners of Holliston keep their homes and their neighborhoods looking beautiful is by keeping their roofs in tip top shape. After all, when someone looks at one of Holliston’s beautiful homes the first thing that generally catches the eye is the roof.

Holliston’s homeowners demand a lot in a roof and from a roofer in Holliston.  First, a roof must be able to last a shinglesCutlimited lifetime.  No one wants to spend the money or the time re-roofing a home again in just a few years.

Naturally, the roofing contractor must use the highest grade materials, top-of-the-line shingles, water barriers and flashing, preferably manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation, the acknowledged leader in home roofing products.

Homeowners here in Holliston also demand that a roofer in Holliston have deep roots in the community, someone who cares not only for the homes in this town but for the people as well.  It naturally follows that any roofing contractor with deep ties to Holliston would have to have lots and lots of local references.

So which roofing contractor meets all of the criteria that the homeowners of Holliston demand?  There is only certainteedrooflandmarkserione.  United Home Experts has been roofing homes in Holliston for many years.  They have deep roots in this community and they care what their customers think.  Not only that, they have put the roofs on literally hundreds of homes all over town and can point with pride to dozens and dozens of homeowners ready to sing their praises.

United Home Experts is one of the few roofing contractors locally who will guarantee their roof for a limited lifetime, including labor.  That way homeowners don’t have to worry about their roof again.  Naturally UHE uses only the highest grade materials from the world-famous Certainteed Corporation to ensure homeowners have the best protection for their homes.

One last thing.  United Home Experts hires only experienced roofers, most of whom have been with the company for many years, and all of them are expertly trained.  Compare that with many other roofing contractors who hire their roofers from some parking lot every morning.

What about price?  Homeowners also demand excellent value and with UHE they get it.  United Home Experts is one of the largest roofing companies in all of New England so they buy all of their roofing supplies by the truckload at deeply discounted prices – and then they pass those savings on to the homeowners here in Holliston.  So before signing a contract with an also-ran roofing company, why not at least check out what the #1 roofer in all of Holliston has to offer. For more information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page for more details about the shingles, the service itself, and a history of our company.

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