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Roofing a home is a scary process that causes homeowners many sleepless nights.  There are tons of things take into consideration—things such as local weather patterns, the type of existing roof, the shape and design of the home, as well as pricing, materials, and labor.  Warranties are a crucial concern, too, as homeowners must seek a firm understanding of what the roof warranty covers.  United Home Experts can help provide that peace of mind with quality construction and generous warranty. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

When choosing roofing contractors it isimperative to understand what is covered and who is covering it.  The shingles themselves are warranted by the manufacturer.  This means the manufacturer will replace the shingles if they have defects such as cupping, curling, or splitting of shingles.  The manufacturer will only pay for the cost of replacing the shingles, however, and not of installing them. Moreover, it is actually rare for the shingles to fail, assuming that the homeowner uses a reputable brand.  The majority of failures are due to installation errors, so even though shingle coverage is essential, the chances are it will not be the problem. United Home Experts does a thorough assessment of the home’s needs, providing top quality work that is customized to the needs of the home.  This helps eliminate installation errors, thus eliminating potential problems.

Roofing contractors will provide additional roof warranty coverage, but the terms of a roof warranty vary from company to company. Since it is most likely to be the workmanship that fails, choosing from roofing contractors that offer comprehensive warranties, as United Home Experts does, is essential to protect the investment.  Labor is the single largest expense in roofing, and the homeowner will naturally want to ensure that labor is covered if repairs are needed.  Failure to cover labor should set bells and whistles off in the mind of a potential customer.roof prep (5)-resized-600

It is important for homeowners to discuss specifics of installation with the roofer, taking into account regional problems such as snow, wind, excessive rain, and other weather issues. One is advised to ask the contractor how his installation techniques will address these problems.  One then reviews such considerations, like using screws instead of nails in areas with frequent high winds and blowing rains.  Areas prone to heavy snow will want thick, quality underlayment to help handle large amounts of melting snow. Homeowners who anticipate this issue should ask about how failures due to inadequate installation techniques would be handled by the warranty.

Any reputable roofing contractor will go through the warranty with the homeowner, showing pride in the coverage being offered and eager to discuss the details. The information should be provided in writing with concise language that is easy to understand. In line with this, United Home Experts is proud of their warranty and ready to talk about it with their customers.

A roof is a substantial investment. Taking the time to talk with a roofing contractor about the warranty being offered is time well spent for any homeowner. After all, one needs to know that he or she has sufficient warranty coverage to cover any future expenses.   Clear, concise warranties leave no room for doubt and lots of room for peace of mind.  United Home Experts will provide the homeowner with a worry-free process and a fabulous warranty.


When you buy asphalt shingles for your home it is very important that you know exactly what you are paying for. It’s a large investment, and at times there can be some confusion as to what exactly is included in your asphalt shingle warranty.

Be aware that when you purchase “30-year shingles” it doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof will be fully covered for a full 30 years. Many companies will offer a limited warranty, but there are often many caveats to be aware of.

Most limited warranties won’t Asphalt Shinglescover any type of damage that is not deemed to have been a defect of your asphalt shingles from day one. This means that damage during installation, fire or emergency damage, and even weather damage may not be covered. If your shingles were not installed by exact specifications, that too, may void your warranty.

Luckily there are reputable companies out there which will give you a better and fair asphalt shingle warranty, though you may have to be diligent in making sure that you find one of these companies and get yourself a very good deal.

It’s important to be sure of exactly what you’re getting yourself into with any investment as important as the roof of your home, and if you do keep your wits about it there should be no trouble at all finding a certifie

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d and trustworthy company willing to give you a fair estimate and, importantly, be upfront with you on the details.

At United Home Experts we offer a full coverage warranty that covers materials, labor, and workmanship for the life of the roof. Please request our full warranty for full details. For more information about our roofing services, visit out main roofing page!

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roof_knowledge_curled-shinglesThere are many manufacturers of asphalt roofing materials in business today, such as GAF and CertainTeed, and they offer many different types of shingles, from 3-tab to architectural, from designer to luxury shingles. The most popular type of shingle being used today is the 30-year architectural. Most people have the misconception that “30-year” means “I am covered by the warranty on my shingles for 30 years”.  Unfortunately that is far from true.  The term “30-year” has nothing to do with the performance of the shingles and most roofing companies are only able to offer their customers a 30-year limited material warranty through the manufacturer.

If during the 30 year period the shingles fail, the limited warranty offered by the manufacturer only covers the homeowner if the manufacturer determines such failure was caused by material defect. The manufacturer would then pay the homeowner a certain pre-determined amount generally not exceeding $.40 per square foot on day one of the warranty, and then prorating equally from that time.  However, if it is determined by the manufacturer that the problem is not from defective shingles, then the warranty is void.  There are many other limitations which void the warranty such as an improperly vented roof deck, improper nailing, and failure of the surface to which the roof is applied.  Even if one is successful in claiming this type of warranty, the homeowner still has the burden of hiring a roofer, pulling a permit, disposing of the shingles, and purchasing any other miscellaneous materials needed for the repair or replacement.

But there is some good news! Some manufacturers make it possible for certain roofing contractors to achieve a level of certification allowing them to offer more inclusive warranties. For example, CertainTeed offers the “ShingleMaster Company” and the “SELECT Shingle Roofer” certifications. There are very strict requirements for a company to be awarded any of these statuses. A CertainTeed “SELECT Shingle Roofer” company, CertainTeed’s highest level of certification, for example, is able to offer homeowners 100% of the costs of the repair for 20 years, including tear-off and disposal of the old shingles, new materials, labor and workmanship.  So fellow homeowners, when hiring a roofer, do your homework. Find out the exact details of the warranty being offered to you.  You don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in your new roof, just to find out the hard way that your investment went kapoof!