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Article Summary: This article will help when trying to understand the benefits of fiber cement siding and reasons to consider using it as an alternative to wood or vinyl siding.

fiber cement sidingIf you are remodeling your home and considering installing new siding, there are many options from which you can choose. Aluminum and vinyl siding are common choices, but the color may fade over time and the siding can be easily damaged during cold winter months. As an alternative, fiber cement siding offers the appearance of wood siding but with materials that are guaranteed for up to 50 years!

While slightly more expensive than vinyl siding, fiber cement siding is often less costly than stucco or wood siding. Another benefit of this type of siding is that it resists rot and infestation. Unlike wood siding that needs to be maintained to prevent termite damage, fiber cement siding will afford you the same look with less maintenance at a lower price.

Fiber cement siding also gives you a myriad of finishing options. If you like the look of cedar shingles, you can choose a wood grained texture, or you can opt for a smooth texture with widths ranging from as little as four inches up to one foot. You can also choose to purchase either horizontal or vertical lap siding, which is available in many finishes. In addition to the texture that you select, you can paint or stain the siding virtually any color that you desire.

Fiber Cement Siding Fast Facts

  • Non-combustible
  • Can be painted any color
  • Lasts longer than wood
  • Weather resistant
  • Guaranteed for up to 50 years
  • Strength and thickness provide impact resistance caused by hail or wind

Alternative to Fiber Cement Siding

Some homeowners don’t like that fact that Fiber Cement siding will eventually need to be be re-painted.  In some climates fiber cement has shown a propensity to sustain damage from water, snow and ice.  If you’re worried about this being a problem consider Everlast Composite Siding an excellent alternative to vinyl sidingor fiber cement.


roof_knowledge_09Commission wind, hail and ice add up to about 32% of the insurance claims made by    homeowners.  This number is especially staggering since many sections of the U.S. don’t    see frequent hail storms, and other sections don’t have climates that produce ice dams.      Add another 14.3% for water damage and it’s clear that a majority of home insurance        claims are caused by weather and climate factors.



Property Peril
Fire 33.1%
Wind Damage 18.3%
Water Damage 14.3%
Hail Damage 11.6%
Theft 3.6%
Freezing 2.0%
Lightning 2.0%
Other Property Losses 9.6%

The most commonly damaged areas of homes are the roof, siding, foundation, windows, and gutters.  As you would expect the exterior shell of your home is the first layer of protection against the elements.  When the strength of Mother Nature overpowers the durability of your home everyone loses.  You have to pay expensive insurance premiums and rarely get the proper amount of coverage to restore your home to proper working condition.

It’s more important then ever to have the following:

A properly functioning roofing system with hurricane force wind nailing, sufficient amounts of ice and water shield and flashing, and high grade shingles properly installed.

Well maintained and properly installed siding that is wind resistant and durable enough to take the impact of flying debris.

Windows that have a high DP rating, meaning they can withstand the force of high winds and the impact of debris.