Roofing Guidelines for Solar Installation

Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

It’s no secret that the alternative energy/ solar panel business is booming. Homeowners love the idea of reducing their energy bill while going green.

A major component that is often overlooked when considering solar panels is the homeowner’s roof. After all the roof on your home is what will support the solar panels, all while protecting your home from the natural elements.

Your Roof Should Be Built To Last

The typical lifespan of solar panels is roughly 20-25 years. That means that you should have a roof under those solar panels that can reach the end of their life. If you think you will need a new roof in the next 5 years, you should have a new roof installed before you have solar panels installed on your home. This will ensure that your roof is capable of supporting the solar panels for the duration of their lifespan and reduce the amount of money spent on a new roof, as removing solar equipment during a roof job will increase the cost of a new roof.

Your Roof Should Be Void of Imperfections

If you go out and buy a brand new 60 inch tv, do you put it on a tv stand with a broken leg that appears to be wobbly? Absolutely not. Solar panels are a large investment and you don’t want to put those on a roof that can’t support and protect that investment. If your roof appears to have damaged and warped shingles, you do not want to install solar panels before having a new roof put on your home.

A Roof That Can Withstand the Elements of All 4 New England Seasons

Anyone who lives in New England knows that all 4 seasons have can create challenges for a homeowner. For this reason it is important that before you install solar panels, you are positive that your roof will be able to hold up to all of the elements for years to come. Otherwise you could face even costlier repairs due to removing and replacing your solar panels if your roof were to eb compromised.

Structural Analysis of Your Roof

Before solar panels are installed it is almost always required that a structural analysis of your roof is performed. The structural analysis of your roof is supremely important to the investment you make in solar panels and your family’s safety. Installing solar panels on a roof that cannot support them is not only dangerous, but could prove costly in future roof repairs must be made after solar panels have already been installed.

Think Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced Before Installing Solar Panels?

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