The United Home Experts 15 Point Roof System

While the shingles may be what comes to mind when you need a new roof at your home, it takes an entire roofing system to withstand the elements outside, while controlling the environment inside your home.

United Home Experts has created a 15 Point Roof System that includes a number of layers and components to ensure that you get the greatest performance from your roof.

ROOFINGlayers1- Ice & Water Shield

2- Non-Absorbing Underlayment

3- 8″ Drip-Edge

4- Pipe Vent Boots

5- High Performance Starter Strip

6- Vent Sure External Baffle Vent

7- Roof Top Vents (Not Seen Here)

8- Soffit Vents

9- Rafter Vents

10- Aluminum Sidewall Flashing

11- Chimney Re-Leading

12- Skylights

13- Gutters

14- Premium Shingles

15- Full Coverage Warranty


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