Soffit for Your New England Home

Most homeowners have soffit at their home already, but few are aware that they do. If you walk outside your home and look up at your roof, the material connecting your roof overhang to the side of your building is soffit. Many homeowners also use soffit to to cover exposed ceiling in porches and under arches, but it’s main purpose is to cover the roof overhang in a home.

Aesthetics & Functionality

Without soffit the rafters of your building become exposed. This is not an ideal look for your home or building. Not only does soffit cover up elements of your home that are better left unseen, it also does it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

Soffit also serves functional purposes for your home as well. Closing off the rafters and structural elements of your home to the natural elements and New England weather helps to protect them from mold and mildew build up. By doing this you can avoid mold spreading throughout your home and the potential rotting of the beams in your home.

In addition to closing your home off from moisture soffits are also ventilated and allow your home to breathe. This provides for the proper circulation of air in your home.

Vinyl, PVC, & Aluminum Soffit

All homes are different and call for different options when it comes to soffit. With multiple options available we will be sure to find the appropriate soffit, that fits your roof and home.