Roof Ventilation in New England

ridge ventWhen you are having a new roof installed at your home, ventilation may not be the first thing on your mind, but it is an extremely important component of a roofing system.

Why is proper ventilation important?

When we think about the damage to a home, it is often associated with weather and natural disasters. Without proper ventilation, it doesn’t take much to damage your room. Typical household activities can cause major damage to your roof if the appropriate ventilation isn’t in place. In New England, there are 4 different seasons but whether it is warm or cold, ventilation remains important.

In the Summer…

In summer months, the buildup of heat can cause roofing materials to crack and age prematurely if not properly ventilated. In addition to this, unwanted heat can also begin to move back down into living areas causing your energy costs to skyrocket.

In the Winter…

In the winter, the warm air generated by your washer and dryer, dishwasher, and even cooking can leak into the attic, which can then cause moisture build-up and the possible formation of ice dams if your attic and roof are not properly ventilated.

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

There are of course costly consequences when your roof and attic do not have a proper ventilation system installed, but there are also many benefits associated with having an efficient roof ventilation system installed.

        • Outside air is able to flow naturally upward and out of the attic.
        • A cooler and dryer attic
        • Prevents moisture from being trapped in roofing materials, insulation, and the structure of your home
        • Prevents drywall and siding damage

Different Ventilation Options

When looking into ventilation for your roofing system you have 2 options; ridge and roof vents.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents ventilate underneath the roof deck to prevent overheating and the buildup of moisture.

Roof Vents

Roof vents give the hot and moist air a place to exit your attic, preventing roof damage and premature aging associated with the build-up moisture and hot air.