What is Siding?

The Definition of Siding:

Siding is any material that clads, covers, or protects the exterior walls of a home or residential style building excluding brick, stucco, or masonry.

What is Siding Made From?

Siding is made of many different materials including wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, cement, asphalt, and even composite materials which combine one or more material together to make something new.  Some of these types of siding are still used today while others are not.

What is the Purpose of House Siding?

The primary purpose of house siding is to protect the home and contents within. It protects the house from rain, snow, wind, and other precipitation. In cold climates properly installed siding over a well built wall can protect the interior of the home from the cold outside, and will keep in heat. In warmer climates, the opposite is true.

Another purpose of siding is to beautify a home. Since it takes up the majority of the surface area outside a home, attractive siding is important to the value and appeal of any residence.

What Styles Are Available?

Siding usually comes in these shapes and styles:clapboard or lap style, shingles or shakes, vertical, or panel.  These styles vary depending on the region and manufacturer.

Clapboard / Lap SidingShingles / ShakesVertical
clapboard siding shingle siding vertical siding
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