Siding Colors

We designed this siding color comparison chart to give a rough idea of the differences in siding colors from brand to brand. If you’re a homeowner considering new siding for your home, we hope you find this tool useful.  Keep in mind these colors can change from time to time so check with each manufacturer for the most current list of siding colors to choose from.
*Disclaimer: Siding colors seen here will vary from actual siding colors. Factors affecting color accuracy include screen resolution and settings, graphics card type and settings, room lighting, browser settings and color renderings, as well as other factors.*

The Siding Color Chart in HTML Verison

Below you’ll find an html version of the same siding color chart. This version is less interactive but may load better in certain browerss and on some devices.  Choosing a siding color is an important task! Many of the latest products offer a low maintenance, long term lifespan which means the color you choose now may be on your home for decades. Other products offer the option to paint in the future so you can change your siding color if you desire.

Fiber CementVinyl SidingPremium Composite / Synthetic
Certainteed Weather- boardsFC Fiber CementCertainteedMastic (Alcoa)NorandexEverlastApex
Cream Off-WhiteButterSailclothHeritage CreamClassic CreamLinenSand DuneN/A
Blue Gray-BlueCoastal BlueBoothbay BlueOxford BlueEverestWedgewoodHarbor BlueMount Etna
Red BrownishAutumn RedTraditional RedBarn RedSandtoneHazelCabernet RedWineberry
Earth- tonesDesert GoldTuscan GoldSandpiperAutumn GoldSaddleCanvasClassical Gold
Light GraysPewterLight MistArtic BlendSilver GraySmokeSeaside GrayEarl Gray
Dark GraysHeatherIron GrayFlagstoneDeep GraniteGraniteN/AN/A
Soft YellowsWickerWoodland CreamAutumn YellowColonial YellowCreamAntique IvoryN/A



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