The Perfect Storm: Huge Incentives to Replace Your Windows Now.

drafty windows There have never been more incentives to replace your windows or doors than there is right now!  You might be  thinking “that’s quite the sales pitch,” but it’s actually true.

Here are 5 ways you can save money by replacing your windows this fall.

 #1 Federal Tax Credit: Although Cash-For-Clunkers has stolen some of the the thunder, the federal tax credit for energy efficient improvements is still available.  30% of the cost of materials up to $1500.  Just make absolutely sure, the windows and doors you’re having installed qualify.

#2 When Manufacturers Compete – You Win:  If the federal tax credit is the locomotive then most of the major window and door manufacturers are “holding on for the ride.” In order to maintain loyalty to their brand many of them are offering incentives to their clients who purchase high volumes of product.  Companies like us are passing that savings directly to the homeowner, and even more in some cases.

#3 Products Are Better Than Ever: Because of the standards for energy efficiency required to receive the tax credit, many of the manufacturers are developing more energy efficient products.  Companies such as Andersen and Simonton were ahead of the curve when they each developed new Low-E technology over the past few years.  Beware of other manufacturers who are simply adding multiple low-grade coatings to the glass to achieve the necessary U-value. The bottom line for you is – high-grade, energy efficient windows and doors will save you money on heating and cooling for decades to come.

#4 Gas Companies Lend a Hand : Gas companies such as Nstar, Keyspan, and National Grid give back $10 per window if you are one of their gas heating customers.  It may not seem like much, but added to the other incentives, every dollar saved is a dollar in your pocket.

#5 Mass HEAT Loan: The Mass HEAT loan program will provide many homeowners in Massachusetts with a 0% interest loan for up to 7 years.  There are a few relatively easy steps to take to get qualified for this program.

An Possible Example:  Mr. and Mrs. Jones are having 17 Simonton windows and 1 Thermatru door replaced at an estimated $10,000 before any incentives, credits, or rebates. (Note: window and door costs can vary significantly based on style, size, and options)

They save:

  • $1500 by maximizing the tax credit
  • $170 from their gas company
  • $425 from the Manufacturers (September promotion passed on by United Home Experts)

All of a sudden their $10,000 window and door project is only costing them $7,905 (a savings of $2095).  On top of that, Mr. and Mrs. Jones could potentially use a 0% interest HEAT loan and pay the project off over the next 7 years ($94 per month).  In the meantime they get to enjoy brand new, properly functioning windows and the energy savings that comes with them.

Hopefully now you agree there has never been a better time to replace your windows and doors. To set up a no pressure estimate click here.

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