Fiber Cement on Traditional Homes in New England

1img031 New England is a region known for its traditional buildings. Although many local historical  councils have strict regulations on what building materials can be used to restore a building,  many traditional buildings are not regulated by these commissions. In such cases it’s  becoming more and more prevalent for building owners to have fiber cement  siding installed to replace old wood siding. Fiber cement offers low maintenance and  durability but maintains the traditional appearance of wood. Many traditional building  owners like the idea of having a beautiful and traditionally accurate siding with out the  upkeep and maintenance costs of wood. To the average person fiber cement siding is  indistinguishable from wood siding even upon close inspection.  Up until recent years when fiber cement siding became more readily available in New England, building owners did not have a viable solutions to decrease maintenance and up keep costs. Vinyl siding just has not been an aesthetically accurate. Where as wood siding needs to be maintained on a regular basis, fiber cement siding has a much longer maintenance cycle. We have installed fiber cement siding on traditional homes in such towns and communities in Massachusetts as Cambridge, Newton, Brookline Brighton, Wayland, Weston, Jamaica Plain, Dedham, Milton, and West Roxbury.

In the past, owners of traditional homes and buildings only had one option when it came to replacing their siding.  But now fiber cement siding may be a great solution for many of these homes and buildings.

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