Herman & Donna Falcon

I am not usually a letter writer, but had to write this one. After receiving 3 estimates for painting my house and garage, I chose the most expensive company and let me explain why. First of all your estimate was $ 300.00 more than the least expensive company. Of the three estimates I received you were the most professional in your approach. You were neatly dressed, had a decent car, and made a neat and professional presentation. You did not rush the estimate process and took time to measure the house and garage and then sat with my wife and I and explained the process and answered all our questions.

My reasoning was as follows: This guy is neat and professional in his appearance and presentation, does not rush the meeting. It stands to reason his company would exhibit the same characteristics when painting the house. My reasoning proved correct.

The time frame you quoted me was very accurate within a couple of days. I could not ask for a better crew than the one you sent to do the work. The gentlemen were very professional and courteous. They arrived promptly at 8:00 a.m. every morning and worked very hard the whole time they were here. When we were exiting or entering the house through a taped door and they were within sight of the door they came over and undid the tape for us to get in or out.

They consulted me on more than several items to check what I wanted done with the situation. Everyday they policed the property before they left and cleaned all debris and removed their equipment. Daily when they left, my property was as neat as when they arrived in the morning. I can not say enough about these three gentlemen, their work ethics and their professional demeanor. We did not hear a profane word or blasting radio or anything out of the way the whole time they were here. The only thing we can say about the whole experience is “This is the way all things should be done”.

In conclusion I refer to the old adage “You get what you pay for.” Although your price was a bit higher than the other quotes, I can honestly say we are extremely satisfied and happy with the work done and the manner in which it was done.

I will heartily recommend your company to anyone who needs painting services. Please feel free to use this letter in your presentation folder when talking to prospective customers.

Again, Thank you so much for a job well done.

Herman & Donna Falcon
 in Swansea, MA