Byron G.’s 5 Star Review of United Home Experts

This was quite a large job — replacing old heavy aluminum sliders with good quality Marvin windows. Marvin referred us to United Home Experts, and we went through the process with UHE without comparison shopping or pricing. Given the price, we were a bit nervous — and our own contractor (for many jobs) said he could have done it for 15-20% less. However, the job was done so well that we were really pleased that we did the job with you.
Nik Carlson was the sales person who helped us figure out exactly what needed to be done. He conceptualized the job well, gave us options, and helped us to decide to move forward with the work.
The most critical person for the implementation of the project was Alex DeAlmeida, the supervisor and coordinator of the construction work. He was just terrific. We could not have been more happy with him and his management of the work. It was complicated — after the job started, we realized we needed to have a large room painted before the windows/sliders and trim were installed. I felt quite anxious asking to add in the job. Alex agreed it was important and just arranged for a painter to come at the critical moment, without any resistance. Much of the actual installation took place while we were out of the country. Alex managed this without difficulty. For a short time, he had to be on leave, but he arranged another supervisor to step in, and this occurred without a hitch. As one set of windows were being installed (in the outer building), ants and dry rot was discovered in one wall. This was added to the project and done well. Toward the end of the project, there were a number of issues left on the punch list. Step by step, the team finished everything off. Alex offered to arrange a rug cleaning. When the rug cleaner was not prepared to go the extra step of turning a huge rug 180 degrees, moving furniture etc, Alex came out personally, managed it, did what we asked (though I felt we were asking too much), leaving us with by far the best rug cleaning we have had done on several rugs in the house. We also asked and were allowed to add a few things to the dumpster parked in front, saving us from the cost of separate pickups etc. There was one glitch — some blinds from my office windows seemed to have been accidentally thrown away. Alex organized replacements — though in this one case, I would say, not as good as the originals. But from start to finish, we felt the management of the job was superb. The craftsmen and the quality of their work were excellent — and the most critical finish carpenters were especially outstanding. We really appreciated being able to add on the extra jobs as we went along — small in relation to the overall job, but extremely important to the outcome of the project.
Probably the most important skilled worker whom we got to know was Josh, who did the final woodwork and staining. This was all quite delicate — matching hardwood trim from 50 years ago. He did a wonderful job — and was a delightful person.
We have had many jobs done in our house over the past 25 years. We haven’t done cost comparisons with UHE, so I don’t know how UHE would compare in terms of cost. But we certainly felt this was the best quality work we have had done on this house. So we are delighted.
The Christmas gift was nice. We appreciate it. We most appreciate, however, the high quality of the work and the excellent supervision!
Best wishes to you all for the season.

Byron & Mary Jo
 in Cambridge, MA